Online Precognition Test–Try This!

From Michael Franklin, a Project Scientist working with Jonathan Schooler in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at the University of California, Santa Barbara: “We are looking for volunteers to participate in a new online precognition experiment.  The user will predict the outcome of an online roulette spin. The actual experiment takes about 30 minutes to complete.” In order to keep track of where subjects are coming from, after the experiment is initiated there is a screen where you can enter an experiment code  — Please enter the code ‘CrystalMind‘.  The precognition experiment can be accessed here.  The magazine New Scientist featured this story in the Jan 18, 2012 issue.
(Please note, this experiment is creating aggregate, group data. You will not be given your results at the end of test (sorry), but hopefully we’ll find out the group result when enough tests have been completed!)

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