Have Your Own “Extraordinary Encounter” with Opening Minds

0971586306web2The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure was only the beginning! Discover what the media isn’t telling you about ETs, remote viewing, crop circles and much more. You’ll learn about quantum mechanics, space, time, and resonance and how you can have extraordinary encounters of your own. Includes real stories of human encounters with ETs! Also available for Kindle and as an audio book, read to you by the author. Learn more at OpeningMinds.info

“This book, by taking a completely fresh approach to two unusual mysteries, creates an avenue for understanding not only crop circles and RV, but ourselves as well. Highly effective and highly recommended.”
— W. Ritchie Benedict, FATE Magazine (April 2004)

“…A profound synthesis . . . Hein’s discussion of physics, quantum consciousness, remote viewing, chaos theory, extraterrestrials, and crop circles is fascinating . . . ”
— NAPRA Review (Nov/Dec 2002)

“A superb book from a man who is in sync with the next generation of understanding natural sciences. This is one of the most fascinating books on the crop circle phenomenon I have read . . . I could not put it down and felt totally refreshed when I had read it . . . Full of through-provoking ideas and concepts from start to finish . . . Truly a superb piece of work.”
–Colin Andrews, author of Crop Circles: Signs of Contact

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