Cold Fusion Verified after Year-Long Test

E-Cat in operation
E-Cat in operation

A third, independent party has verified the full function and utility of the Rossi E-Cat after a one-year test. The device was in use during that time at a factory in the United States. This is the longest and most thorough test of a Cold Fusion (LENR) device ever done and conclusively proves that the technology is real and performs at levels of heat output never seen before in a device of this type. Coefficient of performance (COP) was at minimum of 6 during the whole test and sometimes reached 60 which is HUGE compared to existing energy technology. By comparison a typical diesel or propane water heater has a COP of 0.93.

There is also a disagreement between Andrea Rossi, the inventor of the E-Cat, and Industrial Heat, the licensee and it’s owners over payments and other issues related to the distribution and sale of the E-cat. And a legal action has been filed by Rossi over these disagreements.

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