Witness videos now in Black Swan Ghosts ebook

Peter the jockey shares an amazing contact story including a near brush with an apparent humanoid and a mysterious phone call the next morning.
Louise Voves—Encountered a flying disc and later, a US Army convoy that told her to leave the area, while picking huckleberries
Franco—Witness to anomalous, brightly lit craft over a lake followed by military jet intervention








I’ve created new videos for four of the chapters in Black Swan GhostsIf you purchased the eBook you’ll find these video links at the end of witness chapters, if the interview video is available. (It’s now on iBooks too.)  On the videos you’ll hear and see:

  • Peter the jockey in the UK talk about one of the most extraordinary encounters I’ve ever heard followed by a strange phone call and a secret “meeting” with an unknown high-level government group that wanted to know everything . . . in a pub!
  • Louise tells of seeing a flying disc overhead while picking huckleberries with her brother only to watch a convoy of US Army trucks arrive, seal off the area, ask them what they had seen, and then tell them to leave the area . . .
  • Joy tells a bizarre story of missing time with a friend, a suddenly stalled car, and a vast, mysterious bright light overhead near Mt. St. Helens.
  • Franco tells us of an anomalous, brightly lit craft he saw hovering over a nearby lake that’s then chased away by military jets at top speed.

You can watch all of these and be amazed right now:  links are embedded in all updated ebook versions available on iBooks, Amazon, and Leanpub. If you purchased the Amazon softcover, just contact me at simeonhein.com, or email to Fractalfriend at gmail.com, show proof of purchase, and I’ll send you the password and website link to watch these new videos. I’ll also be adding even more witness videos for several other witnesses in the book as I’m able to. And thanks to everyone so far for helping to make the book a #1 new release on Amazon (in the category of  Ghosts and Hauntings).

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