Navy has known about tic tac UFOs for some time but remained silent

Recent comments by radar operator and command specialist Kevin Day, with George Knapp on Coast to Coast AM on June 17th, 2018, confirm the experiences of Commander David Fravor of the Nimitz UFO incidents of 2004. These two posts on Reddit, one by a serviceman in the Nimitz Strike Group, confirm that the Navy was well aware of the tic tac UFO incidents in 2004 and chose to not talk about this subject openly, not even to Navy personnel serving in this carrier group. Evidence confirming the tic tac encounters with F-18s was later confiscated by special personnel who landed on the ships the next day.


My UFO Encounter/Exposure While on Board an Aircraft Carrier in the Military (No Pics, Only Story) from UFOs

Nimitz UFO whistleblower from 2010:Princeton crewman, Kevin Day from UFOs

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