Big Win for Many Worlds

Hi, I’ve been reading physicist Sean Caroll’s new book, Something Deeping Hidden: Quantum Worlds and the Emergence of Space-Time. If you’re interested in the idea of parallel realities, the Many Worlds’ Interpretation (MWI), and the evolution of physics this is definitely a “must read.” Caroll starts off right from the beginning pointing out the shortcomings of Quantum Mechanics and why the MWI model created by Hugh Everett III at Princeton in 1957 is still the simplest, purest, and best contender to answer these questions. This is a very fresh and bold look at MWI with no holds barred for the Copenhagen Interpretation. Caroll chastises physicists for being too timid in their search for Quantum truth and laments the sluggish nature and lack of progress in current physics. You don’t have to agree with Caroll on every point but this is certainly a step in the right direction and away from the “shut up and calculate” dogma of modern physics. Learn more about the book here. The book is written with beginners in mind but you may find yourself with a challenging but rewarding read if this is your first exposure to modern physics.

For an opposing view, one that argues against Everett and MWI, but is still an excellent read about the paradoxes of Quantum Mechanics see Philip Ball’s recent book Beyond Weird and my Amazon review of it here.

Watch some of my presentations about Many Worlds ideas and the implications for various non-ordinary phenomena like remote viewing and channeling on YouTube.

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