Interview with Bigfoot/UFO Investigator Stan Gordon: Cryptids, Orbs, and Electromagnetic Disturbances

Very accurate and informative new Amazon review of Opening Minds

Thanks to reader Judith L. on Amazon for a well-constructed review of my first book: Opening Minds: A Journey of Extraordinary Encounters, Crop Circles, and Resonance all about fractals, remote viewing, orbs, and crop circles. Read the review

“I had hardly begun to read this book when I had the first feeling of EUREKA! and just had to tell people. Dr Hein tells us of various phenomena that many of us probably never knew existed, and he describes it in ways that make us understand that it actually exists and is accessible. I believe each person will take away something different from this book based on their own experiences.”

“As Dr Hein discusses a phenomenon, it is easy for the reader to connect and become immersed in the memory of any similar events he has had, and when this happens, it is truly exciting! He puts us at ease so we can focus on the wonders that are out there waiting to be discovered; thus, the title Opening Minds.” 

Opening Minds was first published in Aug. 2002.

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Einstein’s Variable Speed of Light Idea and Paranormal Phenomena like Orbs, Cryptids, and UFOs: Why Are These Objects Blurry When Photographed?

Interview with Gary Anderson, Night Dreams Talk Radio, 3/16/23

Radio Host Flees Angry Bigfoot-type Creature in the Canadian Rockies

Remote Viewer Accurately Describes Area 51 Buildings and What’s Inside Them

Viewer’s sketch and description for remote viewing target 4773 4876

Viewer’s sketch for target 4773 4876.

After hearing David Paulides recent comments that remote viewing had not been useful to his Missing 411 cases, we decided to to do some viewing on bigfoot-related targets. Here’s a sketch for target 4773 4876. One of three sessions for a recent remote viewing project. RV session by viewer Jules which appears to show lifeform or humanoid with orb nearby.

Coherent Matter, Paranormal Phenomena, UFOs, Resonance, and Dark Matter (lecture)

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