New Simeon Hein Radio Interview with OffPlanet Radio

Here’s my latest radio interview with Randy Maugans of OffPlanet Radio. We covered everything from resonance and the quantum vacuum state to crop circles and ET’s. Features some great bumper music with my original guitar tunes:)

Part I

Link to Part I details

Part II

Link to Part II details

Captain Robert Salas (ret.) Discusses UFOs and Nukes (Oct. 29th, 2010)

Robert SalasCaptain Robert Salas at a BoulderExo event at the Boulder, CO, Naropa campus on 10/29/10. He discusses his experience at Malstrom Air Force base in Great Falls, Montana, 1967, when UFOs over his station caused ten missiles to go off line. (Volume is a little low so turn up your speakers. Introduction by Paola Harris, author and researcher. See post below for related UFOS and nukes  press conference on Sept. 27th mentioned by Salas in his talk.)[audio:]

The Meaning of 2012

Here’s one interpretation of what 2012 means for planet Earth.

Definitive Book On Effects of Fluoridated Water

The Case Against Fluoride: How Hazardous Waste Ended Up in Our Drinking Water and the Bad Science and Powerful Politics That Keep It There by Drs. Paul Connett, James Beck, and H. Micklem, apart from having the longest subtitle in recent memory, is the most comprehensive study yet of the effects of fluoridated water on the human body. The authors look at every significant fluoride study ever done and show serious shortcomings in industry and government-backed research from the 1940’s onward. Policies favorable to public water fluoridation are shown to have been based on weak or bad science, while opposing studies have not been given enough attention. Anyone concerned about the fluoridation debate and public policy needs to read this book immediately. [fb-like-button]

Recently, over 1500 EPA scientists signed a letter challenging the agencies pro-fluoridation position. Read it here: EPA scientists challenge agency’s endorsement of fluoridated water. [fb-like-button]

New Study Finds Daily Meditation Lowers Risks for Heart Patients

A recent study done at the Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, found that patients with existing heart disease who meditated daily for 5-years, compared to a control group, had a 47 percent lower risk of heart attacks, stokes, and death. The meditating group performed even better than those taking statin drugs. The authors of the study attribute the benefits of meditation to its effect on lowering blood pressure and stress hormones in the body. (ScienceNOW Daily News 16 November 2009)

Scalar-Energy and Scalar-Wave Technology–Cool Video

This fascinating, “must-see” video by John Michael Mallon presents some amazing information and pictures about the relevance of scalar-wave energy to our lives. More information at The Healing Universe website. (Thanks to Shar for finding this.)

Apollo 14 Dr. Edgar Mitchell: “ETs Exist and are Visiting Earth”

It doesn’t get any more direct than this: Dr. Edgar Mitchell, former astronaut and now head of the Institute of Noetic Science, says he’s been told by credentialed military officials that extraterrestrials are real and have been visiting Earth for a long time.
Watch this recent interview here

In another interview, he also confirms that the Roswell crash involved an extraterrestrial craft. (He grew up in the area and says the old-timers, whom he’s talked with, know what really happened.)  Watch the interview here.

Twelve Government Documents About UFOs

This in-depth piece by UFO scholar Richard Dolan analyzes twelve government documents that mention various UFO cases and incidents. These are real gems including the FBI memo of 1949, the Minot and Malstrom Air Base incidents in the 1960’s, and the Halt memo from the Rendlesham Forest case of 1981, and the Belgium Triangles in 1989-90. The Coast Guard case from Lake Erie in 1988 is particularly fascinating. Document viewing links do not seem to work but you can read the excerpts. (Thanks to @IQXS for this one.)