Are new energy breakthroughs the key to decoding “paranormal bigfoot” and associated mysteries?

Rogue Ways Interview with Simeon about Bigfoot and Orbs–Orbs-with-Dr-Simeon-Hein

The host, Lindsey, also shared her experience with ball lightning while hiking with a group in the Wind River Range of Wyoming.

With Jimmy Church—Fade to Black (April 10, 2024)

Charles L. Chandler, 2014—”The Electromagnetic Nature of Tornadic Supercell Thunderstorms.”

Here are some key points that I picked up from reading this fascinating treatise on the electrical nature of tornadoes and why our current understanding of this amazing and destructive phenomenon is so lacking. Chandler points out all the deficiencies of the thermodynamic model of tornadoes and shows that we need a new interpretation taking electromagnetic activity into account. Chandler calls this the Electro Magneto Hydro Dynamic model. Original paper here:

For a modern, up-to-date perspective on tornadoes, both large and micro-sized found in LENR experiments, see this presentation by Bob Greenyer and MFMP: O-Day Tornadoes

How optical micro-tornadoes, vortices, resonance amplification, and crop circles are connected.

Sasquatch in Troy? Lecture to Troy Historical Society

UFOs, Cryptids, Remote Viewing, Ball Lightning, and the Science of Secret Lifeforms

An interview with Carolann Ladarola of the Ethereal Encounters Unveiled YouTube channel.

Ball Lightning or Lens Flare? You Decide.

Dark Matter Monsters and the Sociology of the Paranormal

Dark Matter Lifeforms, EVOs, and Sudden Bigfoot Invisibility

A Flash of Beauty: Paranormal Bigfoot:

In this video, we look at some of the physics behind the idea of a “hidden sector” composed of dark matter particles, invisible to our ordinary reality. I mention the parallel realities of Hugh Everett III, Yang and Lee’s parity violation enigma, Kenneth R. Shoulders EVOs and Takaaki Matsumoto’s idea of #electromagnetic collapse. How do these ideas relate to the alleged ability of #bigfoot and #cryptids to suddenly become invisible? Research into ball lightning, charge clusters, and EVOs show that they both contain visible and dark forms which some have speculated relates to dark matter and perhaps a bridge to another universe. These dark forms of matter may be the explanation for the morphological abilities of some cryptids and bigfoot. In a future part II video to this one, we’ll look at the work of Paul Dirac in his research into antimatter and the evidence that supports that idea.

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