TV show “In Search Of” History Channel, Friday, Nov. 22nd hosted by Zack Quinto will feature UFOs and Crop Circles

I’ll be making a special appearance on the History Channel’s legendary show “In Search Of” hosted by Zach Quinto. Quinto plays the young Spock in recent Star Trek movies. The original series starting in the late 1970’s was hosted by Leonard Nemoy, Spock, from the original Star Trek series. This episode will focus on UFOs. I’ve been watching the show for a few months and am a big fan. They approach all their topics, like Atlantis, the Bermuda Triangle, and the Loch Ness Monster in a very scientific way with no debunking, just facts. So I’m honored to appear on this episode devoted to UFOs and crop circles.

Having been present at some of the witness interviews near Stephenville, TX I can tell you this episode contains fascinating, first-hand testimony of the mysterious and shocking events in 2008.

Watch the preview below:


Hackpen Hill 2018 formation freezes up my iPhone

This crop formation at Hackpen Hill wreaked havoc on my iPhone 7. It wouldn’t stop taking pictures!

While visiting this new formation at Hackpen Hill last night my camera went into uncontrolled burst mode shooting 491 still shots in a row while I wasn’t touching anything. I had to relaunch the camera app to get it to stop. We’ve seen this weird and unexplained electromagnetic activity in many other symmetrical formations. This is the first I’ve seen this strange electronic behavior this summer. I’ll be posting a a video about it on my YouTube channel soon. Below are Claire and Alex who witnessed my camera’s anomalous behavior. Aerial photos by Nick Bull.