Hackpen Hill 2018 formation freezes up my iPhone

This crop formation at Hackpen Hill wreaked havoc on my iPhone 7. It wouldn’t stop taking pictures!

While visiting this new formation at Hackpen Hill last night my camera went into uncontrolled burst mode shooting 491 still shots in a row while I wasn’t touching anything. I had to relaunch the camera app to get it to stop. We’ve seen this weird and unexplained electromagnetic activity in many other symmetrical formations. This is the first I’ve seen this strange electronic behavior this summer. I’ll be posting a a video about it on my YouTube channel soon. Below are Claire and Alex who witnessed my camera’s anomalous behavior. Aerial photos by Nick Bull.

UFO Legends and Strange Experiences around Silbury Hill

Martinsell Hill Crop Formation, July 2018

Videography and drone pilotry by Matt Williams.

Salisbury Poison Attacks and the Crop Circle Tour, July 2018

Salisbury Cathedral

I’ve had a lot of questions recently about our upcoming Crop Circle Tour, July 22nd-28th, and the recent Russian poison attacks in Amesbury and Salisbury. Will the tour go on as a scheduled? Yes, it will. And we’ll still be visiting the beautiful and inspiring Salisbury Cathedral. I’ve been to the UK many times and have faith that the police will contain this unfortunate incident. We’re sorry for the people who have been injured by these nerve agents and trust the UK government will take the necessary steps to prevent this despicable situation from happening again. For more info about the tour go to CropCircleTours.com.

Topological Crystalline Insulators by Liang Fu

Fu’s ideas about Topological Crystalline Insulators may explain why some crop formations and crop circles, those that seem to mirror the properties of liquid crystals, have such exotic electromagnetic effects. See my video clips of these effects at http://bit.ly/cropcircleweirdness.

Ron Russell and Simeon Hein, Andover Crop Circle Conference, 2002

Here is the description from YouTube: “A talk on research conducted by Dr Simeon Hein and Ron Russell on the subject of crop circles. They have gone further into building bridges and working with the circlemakers than any other researchers out there to date. Find out their fascinating insights.”

Ron’s supporting witness info for Paul and Sonya’s ET encounter on Silbury Hill