Wild Crop Circle Tour for July 2012


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Fosbury Crop Circle 2010

You can see pictures of the Fosbury Formation, 2010 at the link below.

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New Crop Circle Interview–Secrets Revealed!


Another Camera Failure in a Crop Circle–East Kennett, July 2011

We sometimes see this type of unexplained electronic equipment failure as we visit the U.K. crop circles with our tour group. The camera affected this time is a new Canon Rebel EOs T2i in the East Kennett formation. It lost it’s ability to focus as the person stepped into the formation, then it completely lost power for a few minutes.  A few hours later it had completely recovered. (My camera video recorder also failed briefly as I attempted to record this anomalous event.)

New Crop Circles 2011

  Some really nice formations have appeared over the past week at Milk Hill and Barbury Castle. We hope to visit these crop circles soon on our upcoming tour and research intensive. Contact us if you are interested in join Colin Andrews and myself as delve deeper into the mystery. (Thanks to Oliver Morel for the photos.)

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New! Crop Circle “Mini Tour” July 2011

StonehengeWe’ve just added a new “mini tour” to our crop circle tour line up this summer, July 25th-29th, 2011 in the UK. This trip includes access to crop circles, sacred sites, special admission inside Stonehenge afterhours, special presentations, and time with our special guest expert Colin Andrews. Space is still available for 3 people! Find out more at Crop Circle Mini Tours.

Crystal Crop Circles

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Orbs in the Colin Andrews Video?

A reanalysis of this previously posted video about our upcoming crop circle tour in July 2011 shows some anomalous lights resembling orbs at 0:11 and 0:52 in the video. Read more about this orb video here. Take a look and decide for yourself:


Crop Circle Tour 2011-“Join the Search for the Balls of Light”


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