Giant UFO Seen Over NYC, Nov. 24th

This UFO was seen by several witnesses over New York City’s Upper East Side at around 6:45-7 pm on Wednesday, November 24th. Have they returned again for another visit? To read a thread with people debating whether this is a helicopter or not click here.


Captain Robert Salas (ret.) Discusses UFOs and Nukes (Oct. 29th, 2010)

Robert SalasCaptain Robert Salas at a BoulderExo event at the Boulder, CO, Naropa campus on 10/29/10. He discusses his experience at Malstrom Air Force base in Great Falls, Montana, 1967, when UFOs over his station caused ten missiles to go off line. (Volume is a little low so turn up your speakers. Introduction by Paola Harris, author and researcher. See post below for related UFOS and nukes  press conference on Sept. 27th mentioned by Salas in his talk.)[audio:]

The Day Before Disclosure

Here’s a new film from Norway by Terje Toftenes about UFOs and the prospects for disclosure. View the whole film for free in HD here:

The Day Before Disclosure

“The Event” and Testimony of Sergeant Command Major Robert O. Dean (retired)–Interesting Similarites

Robert O. Dean

I couldn’t help but notice in episode 2 of NBC’s new TV, “The Event,” some of the similarities between the storyline of the show and the testimony of retired military officer Robert O. Dean. In the TV show we are told of the arrival of beings that look exactly like humans yet are genetically one-percent different. Are they humans from the future or extraterrestrials? We aren’t told yet.

But if you have heard any of Bob Dean’s presentations, if not you can see one here, then you know that he claims to have seen documents while serving at NATO headquarters in Europe in the 1960’s showing four different types of extraterrestrials known to be visiting Earth at that time. One of them, says Dean, look exactly like us. The similarities were so strong that apparently the top brass at NATO were extremely concerned that they could have infiltrated the highest levels of the our military and government organizations.

I once asked Dean if these beings were, in fact, humans from a different planet rather than “extraterrestrials” in the true sense of the word. He said that the documents didn’t say one way or another. I found it very interesting that this type of theme is now the centerpiece of this new TV show. Is it more than just mere entertainment?

“The Event”–What Does UFO/ET Disclosure Mean For The U.S. Economy?

If you saw NBC’s new weekly adventure-drama “The Event,” which airs on Monday nights, you’re probably wondering what it all means. Is this just more TV entertainment or something more meaningful? Afterall, the topic of UFO/ET disclosure is a telling one with many real-world implications, consequences, and repercussions. While some have foretold the total crash of the stock market in the wake of such an event, I think there are more positive, long-term implications: like the growth of a whole new economy, new technologies, and demand for right-brain thinking skills. If you think about it, the U.S. economy isn’t doing that well on it’s one right now, is it? It could use a little boost, of the extraterrestrial kind. Read more: UFOs, ETs and the U.S. Economy and Top Jobs in a Post UFO-Disclosure Economy.

New French Aerospace Study Suggests UFOs Are Extraterrestrial Craft

A recent report by the French Sigma/3AF aerospace commission concludes that UFOs are likely to be extraterrestrial craft powered by yet as unknown technologies. According to the report “the technological elements that we selected… allow us to draw some assumptions about the aircraft in question, which do not seem to belong to an identifiable terrestrial technology at the times when they were observed.” This sober conclusion is the result of many years of investigation which included the COMETA report from the 1999. The Sigma/3AF board consists of former French military officials and fighter pilots among others. This report is not final but rather a ongoing investigation into the source of the UFO mystery.  Read more about the Sigma/3AF report.

Brazil Releases New UFO Disclosure Documents

Brazilian UFO

The Brazilian military appears to be the first in the world to issue a directive for full UFO disclosure. This announcement follows the release of a new batch of thousands of UFO-related documents, photos, and pictures from the 1980’s. According to Brazilian Air Force commander Lieutenant-Brigadier Juniti Saito, the UFO phenomenon is “now worthy of serious recognition in Brazil.” Saito has issued new rules for how UFO reports will be openly handled and studied by the Brazilian government. You can read more and see pictures at the links below (thanks to A.J. Gevaerd) :

UFO Encounters in Wales

UFO in Wales

I recently attended a meeting of UFO witnesses in Wales arranged by researchers Colin Andrews and Phil Hoyle. We heard some fascinating first-hand accounts of real UFO encounters. (I’ll be posting audio excerpts from the witnesses soon here on this blog.) Here is Colin’s description of the event: UFO Encounters in Wales

Kennedy Brothers, Marilyn Monroe, and the UFO Connection: New Evidence Surfaces

New evidence has come to light about the role of UFO knowledge in the fate of the Kennedy brothers and Marilyn Monroe. In this article, Michael Salla puts together a compelling argument bolstered by the credible video testimony of Col. Philip Corso (deceased) that both John F. and Robert Kennedy as well as Monroe were silenced over their knowledge of the reality of UFO, extraterrestrials, and ET technology. President Kennedy apparently visited UFO crash sites and saw alien bodies. Read the article and watch Corso’s testimony below.
Kennedy’s, Marilyn Monroe and UFOs


Sergeant Karl Wolf: “I’ve Seen Classified Photos of ET Moon Structures”


Testimony from Disclosure Project witness, Sergeant Karl Wolf.