Exopolitics–“Intergalactic Third Rail?”

An article in Politico looks at the prospects for exopolitics in the current political climate and compares it to touching an “intergalactic third rail.” Stephen Bassett and others are interviewed. MSNBC also featured an interview with Bassett today.  Politico UFO article.

In parallel developments in Europe, an Italian EU member, Mario Borghezio, called for the EU to start a UFO disclosure program, like a real “x-files.” EU Disclosure Article

Kennedy Brothers, Marilyn Monroe, and the UFO Connection: New Evidence Surfaces

New evidence has come to light about the role of UFO knowledge in the fate of the Kennedy brothers and Marilyn Monroe. In this article, Michael Salla puts together a compelling argument bolstered by the credible video testimony of Col. Philip Corso (deceased) that both John F. and Robert Kennedy as well as Monroe were silenced over their knowledge of the reality of UFO, extraterrestrials, and ET technology. President Kennedy apparently visited UFO crash sites and saw alien bodies. Read the article and watch Corso’s testimony below.
Kennedy’s, Marilyn Monroe and UFOs


Sgt. Clifford Stone and Sgt. Major Robert O. Dean (retired)–“Aliens are Real”


President Eisenhower Briefed on UFOs

New information recently surfaced from Henry W. McElroy, Jr, a retiring State Representative to New Hampshire, last week about President Eisenhower’s involvement in UFOs. McElroy says he personally saw a federal document acknowledging the presence of extraterrestrials on Earth that was written for President Eisenhower. If true, this is more evidence that portions of the U.S. government know more about extraterrestrials than has previously been acknowledged.  President Eisenhower and UFOs. Watch McElroy’s video press release below.


Is Russia Preparing for UFO Disclosure?

Here are some indications that Russia is ready for UFO Disclosure. Revelations by a mainstream politician, and Russia’s media, that ongoing ET contact with humans is happening now. Russia and UFO Disclosure

Gordon Creighton (British Diplomat), Discusses ET Coverup


This is well worth looking at. (From a 1977 BBC documentary.)

“UFO Undercover” Interview with Dan Willis and Karen Lyster

An important interview by Joe Montaldo with Dan Willis and Karen Lyster covering fifty years of the UFO cover up, who’s doing it, and why. Willis plays many fascinating audio clips including retired Brigadier General Steven Lufkin, President Eisenhower, and others in the UFO disclosure movement. Note: audio is a bit rough in sections, including the first few minutes.

Listen to the Interview (Click “play” button or download from link)

Apollo 14 Dr. Edgar Mitchell: “ETs Exist and are Visiting Earth”

It doesn’t get any more direct than this: Dr. Edgar Mitchell, former astronaut and now head of the Institute of Noetic Science, says he’s been told by credentialed military officials that extraterrestrials are real and have been visiting Earth for a long time.
Watch this recent interview here

In another interview, he also confirms that the Roswell crash involved an extraterrestrial craft. (He grew up in the area and says the old-timers, whom he’s talked with, know what really happened.)  Watch the interview here.

Twelve Government Documents About UFOs

This in-depth piece by UFO scholar Richard Dolan analyzes twelve government documents that mention various UFO cases and incidents. These are real gems including the FBI memo of 1949, the Minot and Malstrom Air Base incidents in the 1960’s, and the Halt memo from the Rendlesham Forest case of 1981, and the Belgium Triangles in 1989-90. The Coast Guard case from Lake Erie in 1988 is particularly fascinating. Document viewing links do not seem to work but you can read the excerpts. (Thanks to @IQXS for this one.)