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Link to New York Times UFO article (July 23rd, 2020)

Are “Manyon” Particles Created By Interactions Between Many Worlds, Parallel Realities, and Multiverses?

Hofstadter Butterfly image of Quantum Hall Effect. This shows a fractal pattern at subatomic levels possibly indicating interactions from nearby parallel realities.

For a long while I’ve wondered about the causes of battery and camera failure around crop circles and haunted sites, and many reports of cars stalling and radios failing near UFO sightings. Similar experiences have been recounted by ET abductees in the proximity effects when they are around radios, watches, and other electronics. Recently on the TV show “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch” on the History Channel, viewers evidence of batteries spontaneously losing power by visitors and researchers at the ranch. Occasionally there are reports of electromagnetic disturbances in association with Bigfoot sightings (http://www.cryptozoonews.com/alaska18/)? Is this there a special energy signature associated with these types of paranormal encounters? Does it characterize interdimensional experiences?

Recent research in particle physics suggests that electrons have more than two familiar states, bosons and fermions. They also have a third state that switches between these two: “Anyons” which can play either role. This seems to have been confirmed by recent experiments. Anyons’ behavior is characterized by fractional statistics whereas conventional electrons are characterized by a spin value of either 0 for bosons or pi for fermions. (Science 10 April 2020 Vol 368 Issue 6487).

I’d like to propose a type of particle that facilitates interactions between worlds as described by the Many Interacting Worlds (MIW) model created by Wiseman, Deckert, and Hall (Quantum Phenomena Modeled by Interaction Between Classical Worlds https://arxiv.org/abs/1402.6144). In such a model, electrons competing for the configuration spaces in different worlds exert forces on each other. The forces could be created by a particular quasiparticle I call the “Manyon” whose energies move between worlds in accordance with the Lagrangian fluid mechanics described by the MIW model.

So a Manyon would be a quantum of energy from the interaction of Many Worlds, parallel realities, and multiverses.

Quasiparticles are actually quantized energy that moves in solids in the form of lattice vibrations in crystals, for example. As the Many Interacting Worlds idea uses a type of superfluid model to describe interactions between neighboring parallel realities, we can imagine that the jostling of these realities creates energy fields. The Manyon would be the particle that represents the localized version of these energies.

What’s the significance of Manyons? Well, in many types of non-ordinary interactions with paranormal phenomena there are short circuits in electronics, cars stalling, batteries failing, and general electronic mayhem. I’d suggest that these are being caused by the presence of Manyons which are moving energies between different worlds and parallel realities. As quasiparticles, these Manyons can move about with great flexibility and flow or move in ways that we don’t normally see in ordinary circumstances.

Lay patterns of circular crop pattern

Image by Matt Williams, Honeystreet formation
UFOs have long been associated with strange and unexplainable electromagnetic and ionizing effects on surroundings and witnesses.
Nokia phone screen distortion after being in crop circle near East Kennett, 2011
Thousands of witnesses have reported strange electromagnetic effects in the presence of UFOs

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TV show “In Search Of” History Channel, Friday, Nov. 22nd hosted by Zack Quinto will feature UFOs and Crop Circles

I’ll be making a special appearance on the History Channel’s legendary show “In Search Of” hosted by Zach Quinto. Quinto plays the young Spock in recent Star Trek movies. The original series starting in the late 1970’s was hosted by Leonard Nemoy, Spock, from the original Star Trek series. This episode will focus on UFOs. I’ve been watching the show for a few months and am a big fan. They approach all their topics, like Atlantis, the Bermuda Triangle, and the Loch Ness Monster in a very scientific way with no debunking, just facts. So I’m honored to appear on this episode devoted to UFOs and crop circles.

Having been present at some of the witness interviews near Stephenville, TX I can tell you this episode contains fascinating, first-hand testimony of the mysterious and shocking events in 2008.

Watch the preview below:


Reality’s Edge with Doc and Buddy (ep. 24)