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What is an “Aerostructure” (and why it matters to you)


What is an “aerostructure” and why should you care?

Let me explain.
(And I am not referring here to aircraft frames!)

Aerostructures, as I think of them, are physical objects, energy processes, and vibrational systems that act as a bridge between the invisible quantum reality we can’t see and the physical reality that we perceive with our senses. It’s an interface, a transitional space, that allows energy to be “stepped down” in frequency from a lighter density to a heavier one: from energy to matter, for example. So it’s a physical or vibrational pattern that allows energy and matter to change frequencies.

(Bare with me here, I promise this will make sense.)

Aerostructures exist in both physical and energetic forms. As physical objects, they often have an increasingly fine or detailed pattern at their boundaries so that they interface with their environments in a very graphically complex way.

Common examples of this include clouds, trees and various types of plants, our own bronchial systems, rivers and tributaries, and many other types of natural objects and anything else than can be described as a fractal mathematically. There boundaries become so fine at the edges that they almost disappears. There is a blurry interface between where the structure is and where it isn’t.

Energetically, aerostructures also exist as temporal or spatial patterns in music, dance, organized and synchronized sports.

I’m including a picture of a so-called “Aerogel” here because it is a good analogy. An aerogel is a gel-like substance that has had all of the liquid removed so only an amorphous latticework is leftover. It the one of the least dense solid substances known to science yet very strong.

In the same way, many “paranormal” phenomena seem more like vibrations than a physical objects or substances and thus also seem to be “barely there.” They are at the edge of our conscious perception because they are so amorphous, like an aerogel. Yet they can affect physical objects like a Chi Kung master projecting energy from his hands and knocking someone over, or healing them, without making physical contact.

While objects like trees, clouds, the human cardiovascular system and other similar “fractal” objects have increasingly fine, fractal boundaries, the significance of aerostructures is that they include both these type of physical objects AND subtle energetic processes. An example of this would be music and other ephemeral, transient processes which seem to be there one moment and gone the next. When music or other coherent sounds are playing, they can create physical changes in the environment, as shown in the field of cymatics (where sounds create uniform, coherent shapes in sand on a metal plate or other mediums).

Music can also create temporary emotional and physiological changes in humans. The corresponding brain states can be observed and measured by sensitive equipment. Yet, when the music stops, the excitement fades.

Other examples of aerostructures include the phenomena of channeling whereby a person allows the energy, information, and personality of another entity to pass through their body temporarily. Some well-known examples are Jane Robert’s channeling of an entity calling itself “Seth,” Ester Hick’s “Abraham,” and Daryl Anka’s  “Bashar.” (Interestingly, the entity Bashar has also been channeled by other people notably two women in Japan in their native tongue.)  While the channeling is happening it can seem completely real, convincing, and sincere. And then when it stops, it’s like the whole personality construct has simply vanished and the more ordinary personality of the human channeller takes over again.  Was it there or not? Where did the personality structure go?

So in this case, what we’re talking about is a system where the vibrations are dense enough at one moment to seem real to our senses, and the next moment they are too dispersed to be detectable to our conscious mind. We’re talking about a process of energetic densification accomplished by a human, perhaps without their even knowing how they did it. (I’ve asked a person who could project electricity from his hands how he did it and all he could say is that it took lots of practice. So he didn’t really know how it worked either.)

What do these things look like: it could be any physical or energetic pattern, shape, or design that acts in a crystalline fashion to transform energy in some way. Crop circles certainly come to mind.

So why does any of this matter?

Because aerostructures can be exceedingly valuable to you if you know how to create and use them.  I’m convinced that if you want to tap more deeply into your intelligence, creativity, and spontaneous right-brain intuitive skills you need to activate these energetic mechanisms.

They allow you to “fine-tune” your reality by adjusting the frequencies between your imagination and physical reality. It’s just that the laws by which they work are different from our more common mechanistic technologies. I just started a new training program that teaches you about this so click on the follow link to view the webinar. Click here to view the Extended Intelligence webinar

Crazy “Fringe Science” Interview with Elisa Brown (complete)


In this 5-part interview, Simeon Hein and Elisa Brown discuss topics like remote viewing, crop circles, UFOs and everything in between! This is weird fringe science type stuff, so I’m not asking you to believe it, just take a listen and make up your own mind.

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Benoit Mandelbrot and Nassim Taleb Discuss The Perilous State of Our Financial System

Excellent discussion about our current financial situation from the point of view of two people who really understand chaos theory, fractal geometry and the nonlinear basis our economy. According the late Mandelbrot “everything is possible.”


The Powers of Ten

This is an oldie but goodie precursor to the more recent “The Known Universe.” Thanks to Stephan for finding this.

Opening Minds Audio Book now on iTunes

Yes, it’s finally happened. The Opening Minds Audio Book is now on iTunes. This is the unabridged version of Opening Minds: A Journey of Extraordinary Encounters, Crop Circles, and Resonance read by myself with original music. It includes all the chapters from the original book.  Click here to listen to the Opening Minds Audio Book on iTunes. Get more information at the Opening Minds Audio Book info page. This is still one of the most accurate books ever written about the crop circle phenomena. It also includes information about UFOs, remote viewing and real accounts of human/alien sexual encounters. (Recommended for adult readers.)

Random Matrix Networks–More Evidence for Order Out of Chaos

New research in the mathematics of randomness gives more support for  the idea that universe is based on fundamental underlying patterns of order. One type of research looking at random matrix networks shows that even completely random patterns give rise to coherent waves, called “open channels,” that can pass through opaque surfaces more than would be expected from randomized light.

Another outcome of this research is that it can be shown even completely randomized data sets give rise to statistical correlations. This is known as the “curse of dimensionality.” It seems to particularly affect economics by creating the illusion of patterns in long-range historical data.

The larger implication of this research is that even quantum structures can be approximated very accurately with random numbers suggesting that there are deep, underlying patterns in nature that are hidden from view. See New Scientist, 10 April 2010.

Another similar type of research recently mentioned in the magazine Science suggests a related idea. Randomly arranged networks of materials seem to be able to create organized patterns of energy called “Anderson-localizations.”  Even the highly disordered materials create coherent photon waves including infinite-range correlations. The authors refer to this phenomena as a type of “engineered disorder.” These phenomena suggest that spontaneous ordered energy systems are the norm in our universe, rather than the exception. See Science, 12 March 2010.

This research, taken together, provides more evidence for the type of phenomena we continue to see around crop circles and remote viewing: spontaneously organized information arising out of seemingly random patterns.

Read more about randomness and Black Swan events here.

Toyota, Chaos Theory, and Crop Circles

For the last century or so, technology has been a great driving force behind much global economic growth. Businesses have seen technology as a pathway to success and profits. The recent unexplained behavior of some Toyota cars with electronic throttle controls calls this belief into question. While many of us see technology as something that brings predictability and comfort into our lives and have a great deal of faith in it, there is also another side to technology: that of unexpected consequences and uncertainty.

The sociologist Charles Perrow pointed out several decades ago that “tightly-coupled” systems were prone to unanticipated failures as the result of the close proximity of many sensitive and interactive parts. Examples include Chernobyl, Three-Mile Island, and the Space Shuttle Challenger disasters. Then, in the ’80s and ’90s, chaos theory and fractal geometry showed us that highly complex systems are likely to experience unintended consequences as a result of the non-linear interactions that erupt in many types of “non-equilibrium” systems (i.e., weather, living things). In certainly could be argued that modern automobiles, while not quite living things, are also tightly-coupled systems that are sometimes subject to non-linear behavior.

The incidents of Toyota cars with unintended acceleration events seem to confirm both chaos theory and Perrow’s ideas. Mainly, that as systems get more complex, new unexpected interactions are likely to occur. GM engineers originally snubbed the idea of making their own hybrid vehicle on account of the many extra thousands of parts and miles of wire needed beyond that of a conventional car. They just thought it was too complicated and instead aimed for a fuel-cell car (which is still in the design stage, by the way).

No one now seems to know exactly what is causing these acceleration issues and Toyota claims that the software is fine. And that is precisely the point. As electronic systems are created in ever new and complex ways, unintended consequences are increasingly likely to happen. One is reminded of the crash of several U.S. Army Blackhawk helicopters in Germany in the 1990s that were allegedly caused by them getting too close to radio towers. And the Airbus plane has had its share of automated mishaps; crashes that some suspect could have been avoided if the plane were not run by computerized “fly by wire” systems which can sometimes override pilots own flight control. New Scientist magazine recently suggested that the Toyota incidents were a product of electrical interference from the likes of cell phones and similar devices.

Whatever the cause turns out to be, it reminds me of the strange phenomena witnessed in the presence of UFOs and crop circles. In the 1970s, Ford motor company even issued a bulletin on the effects of UFOs on cars including failed electrical systems and stalled engines. And I’ve seen a lot of weird electronic events in crop circles in the last few decades including shorted-out cameras and batteries. Even the National Geographic film crew, with which we worked in the summer of 2009, said their professional video camera completely and inexplicably failed while visiting a crop formation that season–it froze up so severely they had to call their London office for instructions how to reboot it. One wonders whether the Toyota experience is similarly related in the sense that new, advanced technologies may engage previously unexplored electronic phenomenon including such possibilities as room-temperature superconductivity or other similarly mysterious quantum effects.

One of the German sociologist Max Weber’s favorite themes was the “irrationality of rationality.” By that, he meant how the very efficiency of modern organizations could make them so cold and depersonalized that they no longer served a human purpose and so had become irrational. However, the same concept can be applied to modern technology: mainly that systems can become so complex, tightly integrated, and precisely controlled that bring forth new quantum or nonlinear properties that previously had no impact or relevance to our level of existence.  So in a sense, our efforts to control technology nature necessarily and paradoxically brings forth “Black Swan” events.

Nature’s Quantum Field is Fractal

Startling new research reported in Science Magazine suggests that the quantum field of the universe has a fractal distribution. Fractals are objects that appear increasingly detailed the closer you look like galaxies, mountains, rivers, and the human cardiovascular system, for example. Measurements of a commonly found semiconductor show that electron waves, under certain circumstance, in this case near the metal-insulator boundary, appear as fractals. It was previously thought that the waves would localize in a uniform, regular way. This new research shows that waves are fractally distributed according to a power-law.

The significance of this finding is that supports the idea that many different types of systems, at various scales, are capable of self-organization. This is because systems with fractal distributions often possess chaotic dynamics which in turn support self-generating evolutionary-processes. As discussed in Opening Minds, and elsewhere on this blog, it is highly likely that chaotic, self-organized processes are found in remote viewing phenomena and also the unexplained effects of crop circles.

Scalar-Energy and Scalar-Wave Technology–Cool Video

This fascinating, “must-see” video by John Michael Mallon presents some amazing information and pictures about the relevance of scalar-wave energy to our lives. More information at The Healing Universe website. (Thanks to Shar for finding this.)