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Very Good Stuff–“Secret of Deliberate Creation”

I’ve received some great comments from people who’ve listened to this audio book by Dr. Robert Anthony. People I’ve shown this too have told me it’s one of the best things they’ve ever heard, on the subject of creating a better life for yourself.

I’ve learned a ton from it and the information is valuable if you want to understand your thinking process, your inner dialogue “self-talk” and improve your overall well-being.

It’s one of my favorite audio books, by Dr. Robert Anthony, a psychiatrist and self-help specialist. And if I had to pick one audio book to go with me on a long voyage, this would be it. Click Here to Learn More. It teaches you all sorts of cool stuff!

I don’t do this very often, recommend a product, but this material is very powerful. And it’s very affordable too! So I wanted to let you know about it. (It’s so good, it’s now part of my Creative Intelligence/Human Fusion class.) And you get some very cool bonuses like the eBook Beyond Positive Thinking and several others. You can’t lose with this deal!

(Disclaimer: On the audio book landing page, there is a dumb email list pop-up that you can close, and you should know that I get a small commission if you purchase though the link above. I think Anthony needs a better web designer:) Why use annoying pop-ups? But seriously, just listen to this and feel better NOW.)

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Oops! Server Crash

Thanks so much for your interest in my virtual viewing
master class a few days ago. In fact, so many people tried to
watch the video, that the server crashed, and even I
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**Big time bummer!**

So if you tried to take a look and it didn’t work. Sorry!
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Anyway, it’s all good now. Just to make up for it,
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P.S. This offer may come down at any time as these
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John Assaraf Shares Some Wisdom About Resonance and Manifesting

John Assaraf, from the movie “The Secret,” shares the secret to making the changes you want in your life. The vision has to come first, the resonance follows afterwords and attracts more of what you are already envisioning. Simple. Another contribution that John makes here is showing the connection between our physical mind and the unseen world of subtle-energy processes that our senses can’t perceive.

John Assaraf Video 2


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What is an “Aerostructure” (and why it matters to you)


What is an “aerostructure” and why should you care?

Let me explain.
(And I am not referring here to aircraft frames!)

Aerostructures, as I think of them, are physical objects, energy processes, and vibrational systems that act as a bridge between the invisible quantum reality we can’t see and the physical reality that we perceive with our senses. It’s an interface, a transitional space, that allows energy to be “stepped down” in frequency from a lighter density to a heavier one: from energy to matter, for example. So it’s a physical or vibrational pattern that allows energy and matter to change frequencies.

(Bare with me here, I promise this will make sense.)

Aerostructures exist in both physical and energetic forms. As physical objects, they often have an increasingly fine or detailed pattern at their boundaries so that they interface with their environments in a very graphically complex way.

Common examples of this include clouds, trees and various types of plants, our own bronchial systems, rivers and tributaries, and many other types of natural objects and anything else than can be described as a fractal mathematically. There boundaries become so fine at the edges that they almost disappears. There is a blurry interface between where the structure is and where it isn’t.

Energetically, aerostructures also exist as temporal or spatial patterns in music, dance, organized and synchronized sports.

I’m including a picture of a so-called “Aerogel” here because it is a good analogy. An aerogel is a gel-like substance that has had all of the liquid removed so only an amorphous latticework is leftover. It the one of the least dense solid substances known to science yet very strong.

In the same way, many “paranormal” phenomena seem more like vibrations than a physical objects or substances and thus also seem to be “barely there.” They are at the edge of our conscious perception because they are so amorphous, like an aerogel. Yet they can affect physical objects like a Chi Kung master projecting energy from his hands and knocking someone over, or healing them, without making physical contact.

While objects like trees, clouds, the human cardiovascular system and other similar “fractal” objects have increasingly fine, fractal boundaries, the significance of aerostructures is that they include both these type of physical objects AND subtle energetic processes. An example of this would be music and other ephemeral, transient processes which seem to be there one moment and gone the next. When music or other coherent sounds are playing, they can create physical changes in the environment, as shown in the field of cymatics (where sounds create uniform, coherent shapes in sand on a metal plate or other mediums).

Music can also create temporary emotional and physiological changes in humans. The corresponding brain states can be observed and measured by sensitive equipment. Yet, when the music stops, the excitement fades.

Other examples of aerostructures include the phenomena of channeling whereby a person allows the energy, information, and personality of another entity to pass through their body temporarily. Some well-known examples are Jane Robert’s channeling of an entity calling itself “Seth,” Ester Hick’s “Abraham,” and Daryl Anka’s  “Bashar.” (Interestingly, the entity Bashar has also been channeled by other people notably two women in Japan in their native tongue.)  While the channeling is happening it can seem completely real, convincing, and sincere. And then when it stops, it’s like the whole personality construct has simply vanished and the more ordinary personality of the human channeller takes over again.  Was it there or not? Where did the personality structure go?

So in this case, what we’re talking about is a system where the vibrations are dense enough at one moment to seem real to our senses, and the next moment they are too dispersed to be detectable to our conscious mind. We’re talking about a process of energetic densification accomplished by a human, perhaps without their even knowing how they did it. (I’ve asked a person who could project electricity from his hands how he did it and all he could say is that it took lots of practice. So he didn’t really know how it worked either.)

What do these things look like: it could be any physical or energetic pattern, shape, or design that acts in a crystalline fashion to transform energy in some way. Crop circles certainly come to mind.

So why does any of this matter?

Because aerostructures can be exceedingly valuable to you if you know how to create and use them.  I’m convinced that if you want to tap more deeply into your intelligence, creativity, and spontaneous right-brain intuitive skills you need to activate these energetic mechanisms.

They allow you to “fine-tune” your reality by adjusting the frequencies between your imagination and physical reality. It’s just that the laws by which they work are different from our more common mechanistic technologies. I just started a new training program that teaches you about this so click on the follow link to view the webinar. Click here to view the Extended Intelligence webinar

“Ball of Light” Passes Near Simeon Hein, Fosbury Crop Circle 2010—Photos or Artwork?


In July of 2010, videographer and researcher Arvy’das Kizevicius allegedly filmed an orb, as he described it, passing near Dr. Simeon Hein in the Fosbury 2010 formation. At the time Dr. Hein was doing the Standing Tree Meditation near the center of the formation. It was Dr. Hein’s intent at the time to bring energy into the formation using this Taoist meditation technique. Perhaps it worked! The object appears to enter the formation from the left and move across to the center. However, Dr. Hein didn’t see anything while standing there, nor did anyone else (there were several people there) at the time, leading him to believe that Arvy’das most likely captured a bird, insect, or flying debris very near to his camera. My companion a few feet away, facing me, didn’t see anything either so whatever he videotaped must be closer to his camera lens than it was to us. Based on the most recent research into balls of light, we don’t believe the videos and photos taken of us in the crop circle from a distance away are accurate and might have been altered or enhanced in some way. Another possibility is that the object is in fact a small UAP/UFO, though again, we didn’t see anything moving in the air around us while we were there. 

Also, new research in ball lightning by the non-profit Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project has shown that orbs and balls of light are NOT affected by wind direction. Since this object discussed below moves with the wind, West to East, our original analysis is reinforced: that the small dot-like object in question is most likely a bird, balloon, or piece of debris near the video camera. See this video from the MFMP about ball lightning:

In fact, ball lightning is sometimes seen flying against the wind showing that it has its own gravitational or inertial field separate from the other objects around it.

Kizevicius also claimed the other person in the formation at the time, my companion Susan,  was using a flash on her camera, but no such flash was attached to the 35 mm SLR camera leading us to believe that this is an artifact of his video camera. The videographer was filming with an HD Sony video camera.  (Note: These photos were taken a few days before our tour group arrived for our crop circle tour. Dr. Hein was scouting out formations for the whole group to see a few days later. This was the first formation Dr. Hein visited that year. )

Fosbury Hillfort Hypercube (I) Fosbury Hillfort Hypercube 2010 photographed from a microlight. Photo with permission from the
(II) Dr. Hein doing a Taoist Standing Meditation at Fosbury Formation, July 17th, 2010. Neither Dr. Hein nor his companion saw a ball of light or anything like it at the time. (photo ©2010 by Simeon Hein)
(III) Photo of the Fosbury Formation just before the following events took place. ©2010 by Simeon Hein


The Arvy’das Images: photos or artwork?

In late 2010, we were contacted on Facebook by a photographer claiming to have photographed myself and Susan in this Fosbury Formation. He posted these pictures on his Facebook page. He claimed he had captured an “orb” over us in his videos and photos. In communication he said “you are the bigfoot that started all of this” and when asked if we could use the image on our site he replied: “you’re welcome to do so.” We posted the full image on this site. Then a few days later he changed his mind and asked for several thousand Euros to use the images or to take the images down. He said he had never given use permission to use the images. We removed the full size images and replaced them with the Fair Use thumbnails below.

However, there was problem: we found artefacts in his photos that we knew to be incorrect. As pointed out above, there was no flash on my companion Susan’s camera (labelled “c.” in the image below).  And if you’ll notice point of light “c” looks a lot like the supposed orb. But there was no point of light at “c.”, only an almost completely black camera held by Susan with NO FLASH! The flash would have been an extra attachment that she did not have at the time. So why does it look like she is holding something bright in her hands (image B below) and what are we to make of the supposed orb which looks very similar to the fictitious “c.” dot? Later Arvy’das referred to these pictures as “artwork” not photos (in personal conversation with him when he confronted Dr. Hein in Avebury and Knapp Hill, UK in 2019). So are his images below in thumbnails (A),  (B), and (C) actual photos, enhanced photos, or artwork? We don’t know and Arvy’das hasn’t responded to our questions. We would love to hear his responses.


Camera used by Susan in photos (B) and (C) above. It’s almost completely black and would not reflect light very brightly. As you can see there is no flash on the camera, only a socket for one. ©2009 by Simeon Hein

Other examples of balls of light, orbs or common objects over crop circles.

In the photos below we look at other pictures of orbs taken near crop circles. In the photos at Woodborough Hill and Barbary Castle, the anomalous objects do look like genuine balls of light as explained beneath each photo. However, in the last photo taken in 2000 by Peter R. Sorensen, the object could be a conventional one due to its straight path through the air. In conversations with Peter, he told me it could have been a plastic bag. We don’t know for sure.

This authentic, stationary ball of light (white dot in center) was seen and filmed by a German tourist near Woodborough Hill in 1999. (Image by permission of Dr. Joachim Koch.)

In this ball of light seen and filmed over the Barbary Castle Formation in 1999, the object abruptly changed direction and speed before it vanished into thin air as seen in Figure 33 (B). This behavior is consistent with ball lightning.
In these still frames in Figure 29 from a video by Peter Sorensen while flying in an ultra light, he captures an object that looks ball of light or an orb but could also be a plastic bag or bird according to him.
Ball of light over Hessdalen Norway. Notice strange, rapid motion of the object. ©Bjorn G. Hauge

The Hessdalen Lights in Norway are a famous example of orbs and balls of light that spontaneously appear in that area and have been witnessed by thousands of people. The motions of these objects are extremely erratic and they are very bright.

Conclusion—Is the Fosbury Object an Orb?

In summary, we all wish we could be the ones to photograph a real UFO or mysterious object, especially by a crop circle. And as the examples on this page show, orbs and balls of light really do exist. However, after careful analysis, we don’t think the object in the 2010 Fosbury photos taken on July 17th, 2010 above is such a craft or an orb. We could be wrong. However, real balls of light or ball lightning do not move with the wind, they create their own gravitation field, and seldom move in a straight line. They tend to dart around and even if they are stationary, are visible to everyone in the area. As neither Dr. Hein nor his companion saw any balls of light at that moment, and no flash was used on Susan’s camera, we conclude that it is more likely this “orb” is a common object blowing in the wind, a bird, or insect close to Mr. Kizevicius’ camera lens. Or that these images are in fact artwork, not photos. Since Mr. Kizevicius won’t answer any of our questions about these images, even though he posted them on Facebook for everyone to see in late 2010, we can’t tell for sure what he captured in his images. Of course, we’re eager to hear his explanations or ideas for the anomalies in his photos.

In short, Mr Kizevicius is entitled to disagree with us on the interpretations of his photos, but we were there too, at the center of his photos, and are entitled to our viewpoint.

(Note: Mr. Kizevicius recently posted comments about these images on the Facebook page Circle Chasers on Oct. 10th, 2021. He criticized and insulted Dr. Hein calling him a “monster” for his opinion about the dot-like object in question, and also for posting and discussing our Fair Use of these thumbnail images on this site. However, he revealed no new information about their veracity).


The Facebook Messages

Below is Mr. Kizevicius’ friend request and original message on Facebook to Dr. Hein in 2010 telling him about the photos. In subsequent messages, he encouraged Hein to use these images on his website, promising even better “high quality stills,” available upon request.

For more information about ball lightning

For more information about ball lightning phenomena, and micro-ball lightning seen in scientific laboratories, as well as discussion of the scientific research of Nicola Tesla, Takaaki Matsumoto, John Hutchison, Kenneth Shoulders, and other researchers of this phenomena, visit the website of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project at or this post on the Mysterious Universe website.

How to Think and Grow Rich

goldThink and Grow Rich, a classic text by Napoleon Hill, has been studied and talked about by success coaches and motivational speakers for generations. It’s influenced countless numbers of others. Hill was originally commissioned by Andrew Carnegie in the 1930’s to study successful men of the era including Ford, Edison, J.P. Morgan, and hundreds of others in order to discover their “secrets of success.” Hill claimed to have found the common basic principles that all of them used to become giants in their field. In this book, he explains how anyone can use these ideas to the same effect.

But did you know that Hill makes frequently reference to the “sixth sense” and other types of psychic functioning as the basis for what makes people successful?  He also talks about the importance of transmuting personal, physical energy into creative energy. It’s a question of tapping into “infinite intelligence” with your subconscious mind and imprinting that intelligence with your intentions and ideas. Simple right?

The foundation for all success according to Hill is to use your “Creative Imagination,” as he calls it. Hill insists on the full use of one’s imagination coupled with a larger purpose, focused intention, and connection to your subconscious mind and those of other people. He differentiates this from “Synthetic Imagination” which merely takes what is already there in your mind and just rearranges it. Creative Imagination, on the other hand, allows one to have contact with the “infinite intelligence” of the universe.  If you want to “hit the ball out of the park” so to speak, this is what you’re looking for.

And viewers know how to do this in spades. Because viewing IS the process of connecting to the infinite intelligence that Hill continually refers to.

Simply put, viewing is the best way that I know about to improve your creative imagination. Hands down, viewing is like jump-starting your creativity with scientifically proven, advanced methods that really work. Viewing activates your right-brain and teaches you to LISTEN to your subconscious mind instead of ignoring it. INTERACTING with your subconscious rather than beating it up all the time. Benefiting from your creativity rather than letting it go unnoticed.

It’s like rocket fuel for your personal growth. Because your subconscious mind doesn’t have the same limitations as your conscious mind. So you can accomplish a lot more than you can even imagine.

You’ll delve deeper in your own psyche so you can mine the riches of your own awareness and beyond. Now that’s infinite intelligence.

Once you begin working with your imagination in a holistic way, it acts like a magnet to attract similar things and situations of a similar vibration. This is the basis of the Law of Attraction. Like attracts like. And it begins in your ideas and beliefs.

So, if you want to experience the hidden power of your own subconscious mind, you need to access your imagination, and develop it to the max.

The virtual viewing program I’ve developed in the Virtual Viewing Gold program is designed to do this for you in a big, big way.

The Gold Viewing Program unlocks the doorway to your subconscious mind so you reap all the benefits of your imagination, creativity, and much more.

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  • Using Viewing With the Law of Attraction
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You learn about applying your viewing skills to the Law of Attraction. Plus you’ll find out how to use viewing to perform healing in yourself or others.  Plus, I’ve included a host of locational tools for finding objects, people, and events on a map. You’ll have a blast and learn a ton about yourself. This is the real deal! Find out more at Virtual Viewing Gold.

How To Use Your Imagination In A Viewing Session

For a long time, at least since the dawn of the military-sponsored remote viewing program, there has been a taboo against using creativity in a viewing session. The reason for this is that our imagination can color the results of a session distorting the information with our own ideas. And most of time, when you view, you are going for accuracy and fidelity.

But is their a way for imagination to be integrated with viewing? Well, in fact, there is. It’s something I can “resonant visualization.” And it’s not that different from what is referred to as “remote influencing.” Only in this case, you are simply using resonance to conjure of images and feelings about things you prefer. And in doing so, you use the “law of attraction” or vibration to create the conditions for achieving your goals and priorities.

So there is a way to integrate imagination and viewing in a production way, it just requires a slight modification of the viewing process, to create energy and information rather than just to passively perceive it.

If you want to read more: Click Here To Read About Imagination, Creativity, and Viewing.