“New World” Holiday Special

Thanks for all your wonderful comments about Elisa Brown’s brand new album NEW WORLD, on which I play a few guitar tracks (2,5, and 10 to be exact!) You can listen at iTunes or CDBaby. To celebrate the holiday season, I’m offering you free downloadable versions of my Opening Minds and Planetary Intelligence books when you buy the album. Just send me your receipt for purchase of the CD, physical or downloaded by Dec. 31st. I’ll send you a download link for one book of your choice if you buy the complete digital download or both books if you purchase the CD. Send your receipt to simeon @ mountbaldy.com (w/o spaces) . The album has received numerous positive reviews, such as this one below, so I think you’ll like it.

“Elisa Brown’s new work, NEW WORLD, is a marked achievement
in the world music, new age, and world beat genres.”
– Matthew Forss, Inside World Music

NEW WORLD was selected as one of the Editors’ Picks for Gifts in SCIENCE OF MIND’s Online Media Review, December 2012!

“The beautiful, angelic-sounding strains of soprano Elisa Brown, accompanied by the glorious music of Grammy Award-winning producer/composer Barry Goldstein, can transport you to a place of joy, ease, and greater connection to Spirit—a new world, indeed. Enjoy!”

“This is truly an amazing CD! When you’re feeling down, need a little healing and connection with the Divine, or just needing energy quietly close your eyes and let Elisa’s voice and Barry’s music inspire.” -Shirley MacLaine

Review of “New World” Album

Thanks to Mathew Forss for this sparkling review of my musical collaboration with Elisa Brown on her new vocal Album New World. Read the review here.

Listen to the music here.

Purchase by Sunday, November 25th and get a FREE copy of either the Planetary Intelligence or Opening Minds eBooks. Email me your receipt from iTunes or CDbaby to qualify.

Very active resonance :))

This is NOT what I usually write about.

It’s not about UFOs, resonant viewing, or my
weird crop circle experiences or anything like that.

It’s about some very resonant music.

You may know that I’m an acoustic guitarist
(with 5 albums on iTunes and other music sites.)

And now, my guitar playing is featured on a brand new CD
that came out this week by vocalist Elisa Brown and GRAMMY
Award-winning producer Barry Goldstein. The CD is called
New World and I think you’ll like it.

Now here’s the weird thing about it: they changed how a few of
songs originally sounded! Some of the tunes sound like they
have been shifted to a parallel reality or something! Weird
and cool at the same time.

(Guess that’s what a music producer is for. To rearrange your
tunes. Talk about morphic resonance:)

Anyway, you can listen to all the samples here.

You’ll hear my fingerpicking and Elisa’s wonderful voice on
“Cullins of Rhum,”  “Wiggle Your Toes,” and “Namaste Fever” in
case your wondering.

(You can listen to or download the MP3s from iTunes
or CDBaby which also has the physical CD if that’s
to your liking.)

Enjoy and let me know what you think!

(Just so you know, I have no financial
connection to this album whatsoever, I just did it to
help Barry and Elisa out, and for the fun of it.)

New Simeon Hein Radio Interview with OffPlanet Radio

Here’s my latest radio interview with Randy Maugans of OffPlanet Radio. We covered everything from resonance and the quantum vacuum state to crop circles and ET’s. Features some great bumper music with my original guitar tunes:)

Part I

Link to Part I details

Part II

Link to Part II details

What’s the meaning of Stonehenge?


Thanks to Kikki for sharing this music from Norwegian comedian Vegard Ylvisåker.

Simeon’s Lastest Guitar Gig-3/31/11

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