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Former security guard at Minot AFB describes seeing HUGE UFO take off near missile silo in 1972 and suffers burns

Cold Fusion Verified after Year-Long Test

E-Cat in operation
E-Cat in operation

A third, independent party has verified the full function and utility of the Rossi E-Cat after a one-year test. The device was in use during that time at a factory in the United States. This is the longest and most thorough test of a Cold Fusion (LENR) device ever done and conclusively proves that the technology is real and performs at levels of heat output never seen before in a device of this type. Coefficient of performance (COP) was at minimum of 6 during the whole test and sometimes reached 60 which is HUGE compared to existing energy technology. By comparison a typical diesel or propane water heater has a COP of 0.93.

There is also a disagreement between Andrea Rossi, the inventor of the E-Cat, and Industrial Heat, the licensee and it’s owners over payments and other issues related to the distribution and sale of the E-cat. And a legal action has been filed by Rossi over these disagreements.

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Cold Fusion-like “E-Cat” seemingly gaining steam

darkenergyIs a new energy source upon us? I’ve been writing and talking about the Rossi E-Cat Energy Catalyzer for some time. There has been a lot of criticism, suspicion, and ad hominem attacks directed at those involved in developing and testing these devices. But as these two opinion pieces make clear, the evidence that the E-Cat is a real, working technology are growing stronger by the week. And that means, we may be in the final months before this new technology is available to the public with momentous consequences including the end of an oil-dominated economy.

Airbus scientist announces theoretical breakthrough in Cold Fusion to be revealed in October

History being made as we speak

What’s important is the Rossi Effect has arrived


Did Tesla Discover Cold Fusion and LENR?

Here’s a fascinating piece from a commentator at E-Cat World arguing that Nicola Tesla, based on a lecture he gave at Columbia University in 1891, may have been one of the founders of Cold Fusion. Moreover, it may be operating in your body right now!
Tesla and Cold Fusion

E-Cat Inventor Says Resonance Guides Self-Sustained Power Generation

Rossi's E-Cat
Rossi’s E-Cat

In a recent response to questions about how the E-Cat “Energy Catalyzer” Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) works when several are hooked together, inventor Andreas Rossi says: “The concert model is proper: wherein many instruments can make a harmony that is not just the sum of single sounds: resonances can generate virtual entities whose energy is higher than the sum of the energy of the singles.” Read his whole response here.

The E-Cat, which is owned by Industrial Heat LLC of Raleigh, N.C., is a highly controversial relative of Cold Fusion. However, it’s solid state device consisting of “tubercularized” nickel powder suspended in a hydrogen matrix. Critics say there is no accepted theory to support its operation and production of isotopic by-products. Some recent experiments, like that of Russian physicist Parkhomov to duplicate it in an open source environment with readily available materials, have been successful leading to speculation that it could soon be viable, non-polluting, low-cost source of heat and even electricity. Stay tuned.