Bashar—Conversations with an ET Hybrid from the Future

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UFOs, Metamaterials, and Missing Information: What’s Going On?

Quantum Effects of Crop Circle and UFO Metamaterials

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New York Times Reports Navy F-18 Pilots Encountering “Flying Cubes” Near East Coast of US

Update from Gary, former Air Force missile security guard and witness to UFO near Minot AFB in the 1970s: experienced adverse health effects from energy exposure

David Noble Whitecrow (ep. 6)—US Navy, UFOs, Operation Dominic, and Coverup

Fractals, Incompleteness, and Life After Google

You Are a Fractal, Interdimensional Being

David Noble Whitecrow (Ep. 4)—Operation Dominic UFOs/USOs and U.S. Military Coverup

Students Talk About Their 3-Day RV Class Experience at the Recent Coeur D’Alene, ID, May 2018

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