Prehistoric Rock Art Mystery Yields New Clues to the Origins of Human Telepathy

New similarities in rock art symbols, such as those from the famed Chauvet Caves in France, from around the world 30,000 to 40,000 years ago is puzzling scientists. (New Scientist, February 20th, 2010) Basically, there are about 26 symbols which are found in almost all types of rock art, from everywhere on the planet. Given that these neolithic groups were physically isolated from each other, scientists are curious as to why the symbols are all the same. One scientist suggested a “cognitive change”  that put art in peoples’ heads all at the same time, a rapid evolution in human artistic ability across all human groups.

I would suggest that the resonant energy of the symbols, carved in crystalline rock structures, was transmitted telepathically from one group to the other, spontaneously across large distances. This is consistent with Rupert Sheldrakes’ theories of morphogenic fields and other related research by Dr. William Tiller, Dean Radin, Dr. Masaru Emoto and others. So the spontaneous and simultaneous development of artistic abilities among various pre-modern humans may also have been accompanied by the appearance of resonant, telepathic abilities.

It’s not as far fetched as it may sound. Similar, uniquely-shaped crystals have been known to appear spontaneously at different locations. This would be something like the “hundredth monkey syndrome” seen in the spread of fads and fashions. Why wouldn’t it possible with shapes embedded in a crystalline substrate? At least it’s certainly one intriguing possibility.


Remote Viewing: Law of Attraction Meets Virtual Resonance

You have probably heard of the Law of Attraction and “The Secret”: the idea that “like attracts like”. Similar things synergistically attract and amplify each other.

Well, few people realize it but this is why and how remote and “resonant” viewing work. In fact, it’s the REAL secret to RV.

Basically, anything you think about puts you in resonance with that thing, even briefly, and you begin to attract more of it. You begin to affect the resonance of the space-time matrix all around us.

Physical reality begins with thoughts. As it was said a long time ago, “in the beginning was the Word.” Similarly, when you are tasked with a target, you resonate with it at a subconscious level. And so, you create more thoughts and energy about it. The target effectively crystallizes in your awareness and thus, you get information about it.

Wherever you put your attention, that object of your attention will grow. With a viewing target the same things happens. You begin to attract more of that target, even in the most subtle ways.

So it’s not so much that the target is remote, but that as you focus your attention on your target data, you naturally get more “vibes” about. The more you focus on those vibes, the more you get. It is a self-organizing, autocatalytic, and self-enhancing process.

You can also think of it as a process of “nucleation,” as when a crystal starts forming around a tiny seed crystal.

Even though in a viewing session you start with nothing more than a blank piece of paper, a pen, and maybe some coordinates, nature responds by filling in the vacuum in your awareness, and giving you accurate target data. It’s almost like virtual reality, except that end you up with real results on your page that can be authenticated against a physical object or location.

Your perception of the distant target crystallizes around very faint signals that grow in intensity the more you focus on them.

This is very similar to the process of “gas deposition” whereby solid products like artificial diamonds are assembled from a carbon vapor, one faint layer at a time.

Similarly, the viewing process is one of accretion, each layer building one on top of the other.

Another related idea here is that of epitaxy: the process by which layers of crystals grow simply being in proximity to other crystals, even without any chemical transfer taking place.

Similarly, your thoughts and subtle perceptions assemble a “virtual” version of the viewing target in your awareness, one layer at a time. And if the process continues long enough, eventually you have a lot of accurate information about your target.

The miracle about this process is that it is automatic. You don’t even need to understand how it works. It just starts with a single thought, an intention, and grows from there.

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