Colin Andrews: Crop Circle Orb Project–July, 2011

Researcher and author Colin Andrews talks about the upcoming Orb project in the UK, July 2011 that will be included in our Ancient Sacred Site and Crop Circle Tour. You are welcome to join us–space is limited so contact us now).


Images from Low Earth Orbit

This is just plain awesome! (Courtesy of the European Space Agency)


Look for the “Psychic Flash” (Mining for nuggets of mental gold)

psychic flashI recently heard a lecture by RV legend Jack “Spoonbender” Houck,–(yes, he really teaches people how to psychically bend spoons using only their mind’s innate “chi power” at his so-called “PK (psychokinesis) parties”)–where he talked about an important concept that I want to share with you. He called it the “psychic flash.”

This is absolutely one of most useful concepts I’ve encountered while studying viewing.
It’s the basis now of lots of good things in my life.

Maybe you’ve heard of it. Basically, it’s the intuitive, psychic signal that flashes within your mind when you are about to get some really good, fresh, synthesized, deep-yet-straightforward information. It’s brief. It’s fast. It’s accurate.

If you look for this little tidbit of gold within your awareness, and you
receive one of these  compact and concentrated, mental “info goodies,” you
know you are on the right track. You’re getting accurate information. So stay
with it.

It’s as if the subtle information were building up behind
a dam inside your mind, and suddenly the information is
released all at once from the subconscious into your conscious
awareness. Bang! There it is. The flash. It’s telling you to PAY

And it can happen to anyone engaging in creative activity
including writers, artists, musicians, and others.

If you want to experience this, the steps are pretty simple.
First, you need focus intensively on the problem or
challenge you are working on.

Second, you must then take a break from your project.
Do something like walking or exercising lightly. Relax.

Third, you just wait for the flash. That momentary
burst of light in your mind. It will hit you all at
once, the answer you were looking for. It may come
immediately, or later on that day or evening.
It might even happen while you are dreaming that
night. Just be on the lookout for it.

It’s good stuff, if you know what it looks and feels like.
And as a virtual viewer, you’ve had some training now
into how it manifests itself in your mind. It’s different
for anyone, but you’ll learn to identify the signature
of  the flash.

But it doesn’t stop there. Author Napolean Hill, in his seminal work
about success and achievement Think and Grow Rich also
mentions this phenomenon, he actually calls it a mental “flash,” as the
key to building success in your life. He tells you to follow it and trust
it. And I completely agree.

But it takes some training to learn what it looks and feels like.
For myself, viewing is one of the best ways to train yourself
to consciously prepare yourself for these mental flashes.

So after you had some practice with viewing, look for that
intuitive psychic flash of insight, and you’ll know you are
on the right track. It’s one of the miracles of our minds.

And if you want to get started with your advanced training
visit my new, complete viewing training class–Virtual Viewing Master Class.
This is guaranteed to help you too develop your ability to identify
and interpret your very own mental breakthroughs.

Crop Circle Tour 2013

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Join veteran crop circle researcher Dr. Simeon Hein and local crop circle experts as we explore the Crop Circle Mystery this summer in the U.K. We’ll also visit plenty of sacred sites and do a nightwatch for UFOs and other anomalous light phenomena. Plus, we’ll stay at great hotels and eat at some fantastic British pubs. We’ll also learn how to do “resonant viewing” so as to pick up the maximum amount of etheric and subtle information in the formations and other places we visit.  This will be one trip you won’t forget! Click here to get more info about our Crop Circle Tours in July 2013. Reserve your place now. Call us for more trip info toll-free at 1-415-413-8052.

Jim Marrs — The U.S. Government’s Secret Remote Viewing Program and UFOs

Jim Marrs wrote one of the first books on remote viewing, Psi Spies back in 1993.

Crystalline Structure Increases Casimir Effect

casimir effectA European team has found a way to use crystalline structures to increase the Casimir Effect: the nanoscale force that attracts particles at a quantum scale. The Casimir effect is usually measured with microscale, flat metallic plates and measures in at a tiny 100 piconewtons. However, when the team measured the same forces using the crystalline layer of metals called AIST and used to coat to rewritable CDs and DVDs, the force measured 20 to 25 per cent higher. This is highly significant in that the result suggests shapes affect quantum effects. Perhaps this is true at other scales too such as in crop circles where unexplained energy effects such as a repeated cases of sudden battery failure and other phenomenon have been reported.

The Powers of Ten

This is an oldie but goodie precursor to the more recent “The Known Universe.” Thanks to Stephan for finding this.

Revenge of the Right Brain

Several years ago, Wired Magazine published an insightful article about how our future economic growth as a country is tied to increased development of our right brain. In “Revenge Of the Right Brain,” based on Daniel Pink’s book, A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule The Future, the author explains how our left-brain based economy of today can easily be outsourced to other countries. However, creative work based more on intuition, empathy, and design skills is much more difficult for other countries to copy or duplicate.

And what helps you develop your right-brain? Viewing, among other things, that’s what. Here’s the full article: Revenge of the Right Brain. It’s well worth reading if you want to see where things are headed. Here’s my commentary on it: Viewing and the New Economy. Also see Is the U.S. Economy Suffering From A Lack Of Creativity?

And if you want to strengthen your right brain NOW, don’t miss my new RV Live Online Viewing Class, starting September 3rd.

New Evidence Shows Fluoridated Water Is Bad For Your Health

The following article gives a good summary of the recent work of Dr. A. K. Susheela on the negative effects of fluoride on the human body including weakened bones, teeth, muscles and an increased risk of Alzheimer’s, miscarriages, and mental retardation. According to Dr. Susheela “fluoride has no benefits” to the human body. In her words it causes the “metabolic system to become deranged.” She recommends a complete cessation of water fluoridation everywhere in the world. In short, fluoridated water is a hoax based on fringe science or better yet, no science at all! Negative Health Effects of Fluoride. (Please note that the blog where this post appears contains ads for various health products. I haven’t evaluated these and can’t recommend them one way or another.) This latest information was revealed at the the 27th Conference of the International Society for Fluoride Research held in Beijing China.  For much more information about all the health effects of fluoride see the Fluoride Action Network.

Crop Circles, Equipment Failure, and Balls of Light

Devil's Den Crop Circle, 1999: Scene of Numerous Electronic Equipment Failures

This short article looks at some of the weird phenomena that occur in and around crop circles including camera failure, weird lights, and equipment malfunction. The author discusses strange events he himself has witnessed.  Crop Circles, Equipment Failure, and Balls of Light (What the heck is going on out there?)