Jim Marrs — The U.S. Government’s Secret Remote Viewing Program and UFOs

Jim Marrs wrote one of the first books on remote viewing, Psi Spies back in 1993.

Crystalline Structure Increases Casimir Effect

casimir effectA European team has found a way to use crystalline structures to increase the Casimir Effect: the nanoscale force that attracts particles at a quantum scale. The Casimir effect is usually measured with microscale, flat metallic plates and measures in at a tiny 100 piconewtons. However, when the team measured the same forces using the crystalline layer of metals called AIST and used to coat to rewritable CDs and DVDs, the force measured 20 to 25 per cent higher. This is highly significant in that the result suggests shapes affect quantum effects. Perhaps this is true at other scales too such as in crop circles where unexplained energy effects such as a repeated cases of sudden battery failure and other phenomenon have been reported.

The Powers of Ten

This is an oldie but goodie precursor to the more recent “The Known Universe.” Thanks to Stephan for finding this.

Revenge of the Right Brain

Several years ago, Wired Magazine published an insightful article about how our future economic growth as a country is tied to increased development of our right brain. In “Revenge Of the Right Brain,” based on Daniel Pink’s book, A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule The Future, the author explains how our left-brain based economy of today can easily be outsourced to other countries. However, creative work based more on intuition, empathy, and design skills is much more difficult for other countries to copy or duplicate.

And what helps you develop your right-brain? Viewing, among other things, that’s what. Here’s the full article: Revenge of the Right Brain. It’s well worth reading if you want to see where things are headed. Here’s my commentary on it: Viewing and the New Economy. Also see Is the U.S. Economy Suffering From A Lack Of Creativity?

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New Evidence Shows Fluoridated Water Is Bad For Your Health

The following article gives a good summary of the recent work of Dr. A. K. Susheela on the negative effects of fluoride on the human body including weakened bones, teeth, muscles and an increased risk of Alzheimer’s, miscarriages, and mental retardation. According to Dr. Susheela “fluoride has no benefits” to the human body. In her words it causes the “metabolic system to become deranged.” She recommends a complete cessation of water fluoridation everywhere in the world. In short, fluoridated water is a hoax based on fringe science or better yet, no science at all! Negative Health Effects of Fluoride. (Please note that the blog where this post appears contains ads for various health products. I haven’t evaluated these and can’t recommend them one way or another.) This latest information was revealed at the the 27th Conference of the International Society for Fluoride Research held in Beijing China.  For much more information about all the health effects of fluoride see the Fluoride Action Network.

Crop Circles, Equipment Failure, and Balls of Light

Devil's Den Crop Circle, 1999: Scene of Numerous Electronic Equipment Failures

This short article looks at some of the weird phenomena that occur in and around crop circles including camera failure, weird lights, and equipment malfunction. The author discusses strange events he himself has witnessed.  Crop Circles, Equipment Failure, and Balls of Light (What the heck is going on out there?)

Scientists Argue That Multiple-Universe Theory Simplifies Our Understanding of The Cosmos

New research by Raphael Bousso of the University of California, Berkeley suggests that a multiple-universe interpretation of the cosmos actually simplifies our understanding of dark matter, vacuum energy, and other mysterious topics (New Scientist, 6 March, 2010). Bousso and others argue that this isn’t just a theoretical discussion but an empirical one. By working with formulas that incorporate a multiverse approach, a so-called “causal patch” approach, actually fits real data better than the Einsteinian perspective which has trouble dealing with the temporal frame of each observer. The possibility of many universes, all existing simultaneously, actually does away with the time paradox.

The implications of this approach are straight out of Flatland. It follows from the multiverse approach that higher dimensional universes sometimes impinge upon our own, just as a three-dimensional looking hologram is imprinted on a two-dimensional surface. In this way, different bubble universes can interact with each other: By leaving imprints at each others boundaries.

Wilton Windmill Crop Circle (5/22/10)–Binary Code?

Photo Courtesy of Chris Bird
3-D Representation of Euler's Theorem
    This enigmatic formation recently appeared near a Windmill in Wilton, Wiltshire. See more pictures here. Some people think this represents binary code for Euler’s Theorem which describes a deep relationship between trigonometry, exponential and imaginary numbers. See the flash animation illustrating the idea that the Wilton crop formation represents Euler’s Theorem. What do you think? If you want to see the crop circles this summer, join us on the Crop Circle Tour.

Flatland–The Movie

When I first read Edwin Abbott’s Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions (1884) over a decade ago I was really impressed with both his storytelling skill and his vision for the human predicament. That is, we live in a multidimensional universe, but our socialization often encourages us to tune out anything but everyday, ordinary social, cultural  and economic phenomena. Thus, we become like the main character in Flatland, aware of a larger universe but unable to connect with it without feeling ridiculed, ostracized, or worse.

Now the book has been turned into animated movie featuring the voice of Martin Sheen and other actors. I thought they did a great job with it, preserving the impact of the original story while benefiting from the latest animation techniques. Read more about the Flatland movie here.  

Random Matrix Networks–More Evidence for Order Out of Chaos

New research in the mathematics of randomness gives more support for  the idea that universe is based on fundamental underlying patterns of order. One type of research looking at random matrix networks shows that even completely random patterns give rise to coherent waves, called “open channels,” that can pass through opaque surfaces more than would be expected from randomized light.

Another outcome of this research is that it can be shown even completely randomized data sets give rise to statistical correlations. This is known as the “curse of dimensionality.” It seems to particularly affect economics by creating the illusion of patterns in long-range historical data.

The larger implication of this research is that even quantum structures can be approximated very accurately with random numbers suggesting that there are deep, underlying patterns in nature that are hidden from view. See New Scientist, 10 April 2010.

Another similar type of research recently mentioned in the magazine Science suggests a related idea. Randomly arranged networks of materials seem to be able to create organized patterns of energy called “Anderson-localizations.”  Even the highly disordered materials create coherent photon waves including infinite-range correlations. The authors refer to this phenomena as a type of “engineered disorder.” These phenomena suggest that spontaneous ordered energy systems are the norm in our universe, rather than the exception. See Science, 12 March 2010.

This research, taken together, provides more evidence for the type of phenomena we continue to see around crop circles and remote viewing: spontaneously organized information arising out of seemingly random patterns.

Read more about randomness and Black Swan events here.