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Live webinar: Interview with Alien Protocols— Tic tacs, Skylab photo, and more

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Live Webinar tonight: Interview with Alien Protocols, Sept. 9/13, 7 PM ET

Don’t miss my live webinar tonight with Buddy of Alien Protocols at 7 PM ET. We’ll be talking about the state of UFO Disclosure, Black Swan events, crop circles, remote viewing and much more. With Q&A. Sign Up for the … Continue reading

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Resonant Viewing webinar replay

I’ll be doing a free RV webinar replay this Sunday, July 2nd at 3PM EST. We’ll look at some of the basics of how RV works, some of the new Multiverse ideas behind it, and then we’ll do some practice sessions. Now … Continue reading

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Live multiverse webinar with Simeon

Don’t miss my next live webinar about how to tap into the resonance of the multiverse and gain better access to your imagination and intuition. I’ll be talking about how resonant viewing relates to newer theories from physics about how … Continue reading

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Webinar Replay w/ live Q&A (Practical Uses of RV in Your Life)

If you missed my webinar about “Practical Applications of RV in Your Life” a month ago, you’re in luck! I’ll be doing a replay and I’ll be there, LIVE, to answer your questions while it’s happening. This webinar is about using your … Continue reading

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