Live Webinar tonight: Interview with Alien Protocols, Sept. 9/13, 7 PM ET

Live interview with Buddy of Alien Protocols

Don’t miss my live webinar tonight with Buddy of Alien Protocols at 7 PM ET. We’ll be talking about the state of UFO Disclosure, Black Swan events, crop circles, remote viewing and much more. With Q&A.

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Resonant Viewing webinar replay

Dao Mountain Group 2001

I’ll be doing a free RV webinar replay this Sunday, July 2nd at 3PM EST. We’ll look at some of the basics of how RV works, some of the new Multiverse ideas behind it, and then we’ll do some practice sessions. Now you can learn first hand about this fascinating and controversial subject. More info here. Hope to see you at the webinar, there will be time for Q & A.

Live multiverse webinar with Simeon

Live webinar with Dr. Simeon Hein
Live webinar with Dr. Simeon Hein

Don’t miss my next live webinar about how to tap into the resonance of the multiverse and gain better access to your imagination and intuition. I’ll be talking about how resonant viewing relates to newer theories from physics about how our Multiverse is structured and why it matters to you. I’ll be giving your practical suggestions about how to tap into your multidimensionality with concrete examples.  There will be live Q&A with you at the end. It’s this Thursday, Sept 1st at 8 PM ET. Sign up here.

Webinar Replay w/ live Q&A (Practical Uses of RV in Your Life)

Simeon HeinIf you missed my webinar about “Practical Applications of RV in Your Life” a month ago, you’re in luck! I’ll be doing a replay and I’ll be there, LIVE, to answer your questions while it’s happening.

This webinar is about using your imagination as a tool to create new skills, projects, ideas.  Some of the material is highly controversial, but since you’re on this list, I think you’ll like it.  This is a so-called “hybrid” webinar because while it’s a replay, I’ll be there in person to answer your questions.

We’ll be looking at some of latest theories in physics about how the universe works and how you can benefit from it. I’ve broken it down in to a simple three-step process that anyone can use. And I’ll explain it all to you in the webinar, Monday, March 28th at 9 P.M. Eastern Time in the USA (GMT -5).

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You’ll learn how to focus your mind and attention in a way that maximizes your ability to see the different possibilities available to you in your life at any moment.

Think of this as your guide to exploring your very own multiverse, learning all the controls and levers that power your personal “time machine.” You’ll learn how to use your imagination as a powerful tool to create your reality.

This is one of the secrets to great inventions throughout history and used by many inventors and entrepreneurs like the Edison, Einstein, DaVinci, Tesla, Hilton, and many others. And I believe you can use it to. This webinar is free but space is limited so act now before the it’s full.

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Hope to see you there!