New Resonant Energy Technology Captures Power of Micro Ball Lightning

New Bigfoot Documentary Showcases Paranormal Aspects of the Creatures

Here’s my thoughts on this new bigfoot documentary in which I have a part. The film covers many anomalous, paranormal, and just plain weird aspects of bigfoot encounters. Watch the film and trailer here:

A Flash of Beauty: Paranormal Bigfoot (new movie)

The latest and most profound Bigfoot movie yet is now here. This film explores weird phenomena around the creatures, including orbs, cloaking, gifting, and more. I’ve never seen these topics addressed so well in a Bigfoot documentary. It includes many new incredible eyewitness accounts. I’m also an actor in the movie discussing the links between cryptids, ball lightning, invisibility, quantum mechanics, and coherent matter phenomena. The movie will eventually be available on all major streaming platforms. The trailer is available here. Watch the entire film at this link on Vimeo:

I especially enjoyed the section on Barb Shupe, whose group saw what appeared to be a juvenile Bigfoot near Mt Rainer and filmed it. But the creature appeared pixelated and transparent when they looked at their video. Some have called this the Predator effect after the movie of the same name. This is especially interesting because Russian researcher Igor Burtsev, when speaking at a conference in Bailey, CO, a few years ago, mentioned something similar from a witness near Moscow, Russia. And recently, at the Montanacon conference in Kalispell, MT, I met a witness who told me a similar story of seeing a juvenile Bigfoot on her grandparent’s property as a teenager. She said the Bigfoot became “digitized” and pixelated before vanishing right in front of her eyes. I’m sure there are many more accounts of Bigfoot and cryptids going invisible like these stories. And it raises the question of how these creatures do this and what’s the biological or physical basis for such abilities.

NASA Suppresses UFO Evidence from Its Scientists, Engineers, and Astronauts.

Is This How Remote Viewing Works? Relic Neutrinos and Magnetic Vortices.

Conversation with Mark of Nub TV about the Strange Effects of Crop Circles

Strange and Anomalous Electromagnetic Effects Around Crop Circles Including Orbs and Electronics Failure (Part I)

In this presentation, I’ll show many UK and US crop circles that affected our cameras, batteries, and electronics over the decades. We’ll also look at some scientific explanations for these strange electromagnetic phenomena and how the vortex structure of many crop circles may generate orbs and balls of light. (Thanks to Colin Andrews and Jon-Noel Aubrun for their Milton Hill Farms magnetic field analysis photos.)

Theme song “Beyond Distance” by Simeon Hein from his album Earth Dreaming (1996) is available on all music streaming platforms or at

A second forthcoming presentation will further explain how these ideas relate to cold fusion/LENR, variable permittivity, relic neutrinos, and dark matter.


Bob Greenyer summary: Bob Greenyer MFMP Video: “O-Day Clouds and Tornadoes”

Video with my latest ideas on crop circles “Exploring Ball Lightning related to Cold Fusion, UFOs, Crop Circles, and Bigfoot”

Playlist of Weird Electronic Effects Around Crop Circles:

Interview with Gary Anderson, August 3rd, 2023—UFO Situation in Congress

Interview with Bigfoot/UFO Investigator Stan Gordon: Cryptids, Orbs, and Electromagnetic Disturbances

Very accurate and informative new Amazon review of Opening Minds

Thanks to reader Judith L. on Amazon for a well-constructed review of my first book: Opening Minds: A Journey of Extraordinary Encounters, Crop Circles, and Resonance all about fractals, remote viewing, orbs, and crop circles. Read the review

“I had hardly begun to read this book when I had the first feeling of EUREKA! and just had to tell people. Dr Hein tells us of various phenomena that many of us probably never knew existed, and he describes it in ways that make us understand that it actually exists and is accessible. I believe each person will take away something different from this book based on their own experiences.”

“As Dr Hein discusses a phenomenon, it is easy for the reader to connect and become immersed in the memory of any similar events he has had, and when this happens, it is truly exciting! He puts us at ease so we can focus on the wonders that are out there waiting to be discovered; thus, the title Opening Minds.” 

Opening Minds was first published in Aug. 2002.