Time Limited Special Offer for Galactic Connection Listeners

As way of saying “thanks” to Galactic Connection listeners, I’m offering two specials to you.  First, if you purchase my brand new book, Black Swan Ghosts, all about my contact with UFO witnesses, now available as a paperback and eBook, I’ll send you a link to download my acclaimed Aural Resonance drone sound. Also known as the “Breath of God” sound, this hour-long, sustained note will make any space feel like a sacred temple. People use it for meditating, sleeping, insomnia, and writer’s block to name a few. I know you’ll love it. Normally $9.95 on iTunes, I’ll give iy to you for free when you buy Black Swan Ghosts eBook or paperback.  Buy now

Secondly, I’m offering you my beginning remote viewing class, Virtual Viewing 2.0, at huge discount. This online video class has over twenty videos that comprise the essence of my three-day class that I taught live for over ten years all around the world and in Boulder, CO. This recorded version normally sells for $197 but as a listener to Galactic Connections you can have it for the crazy low price of $77!  Just contact me using this contact form, and I’ll send you the discount link.

Thanks and talk soon,

P.S. These offers expire on March 14th, 2017 so don’t wait.