Crop Circles and “Dark Energy”: The Missing Link?


Here’s my previous post with video evidence of cameras going awry in crop circles

Investigation into Dark Energy as the Cause of Anomalous Electromagnetic Activity Observed in the Vicinity of Crop Formations

I saw three separate devices fail within 10 minutes, at the edge and inside of this crop circle, Fyfield Down 1999.
The author witnessed three separate electronic devices fail within 10 minutes, at the edge and inside, of this crop circle at Fyfield Down 1999.

Crop circles and formations have long been associated with electronic anomalies in cameras, batteries, and other electronic equipment. Upon entering or being in the vicinity of a formation, visitors sometimes report their cameras and compasses malfunctioning, batteries rapidly draining, temporal anomalies, and even unexplained aerial luminosities. Other formations seem to have unexplained magnetic effects on compasses and magnetometers. We estimate that roughly 5 percent of all crop formation visits have these effects, regardless of whether the crop circles are man made or not. The author saw this effect first-hand in 1999, in a man made circle in the U.K., when three electronic devices stopped working within a few minutes. The cause of this perplexing phenomena has been unknown. We suggest that some crop circles are interacting with a cosmic scalar “quintessence” field known as dark energy, the so-called fifth force, producing subtle alterations to Maxwell’s formulas. This would cause the static field of the crop formation to create very weak electrical currents. Dark energy is thought to make up around 68 percent of the total mass-energy of the universe and have a strength, on average, of about one joule per square kilometer. The aforementioned electromagnetic anomalies could be caused by crop formations’ crystalline-like lattice structures interaction with a quintessence field. In this way, we could also describe electrically active crop circles as Dark Energy Circuits (DECs) or attractors.


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(This is a wonderful book about dark matter and dark energy. The e-book versions have
some great links to amazing looking videos of how our universe evolved.)

Hein, Simeon. 2007. Presentation at Society for Scientific Explanation in East Lansing, Michigan. June 2nd. “Anomalous Energies and Balls of Light in Crop Circles: Photonic Refraction, Spontaneous Crystallinity, and Quasi-Particles.”

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Videos and other evidence, links below (camera failure) (GPS battery failure) (camera failure) (electronic compass malfunction) (camera malfunction)…iltonHillFarms (anomalous magnetic fields
detected by Colin Andrews)

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