Mind-Opening Books—The New Paradigm by John O’Meara Bockris

Why Ball Lightning is More Important Than You Think

MFMP explain more about the elements of Cold Fusion

Did Tesla Discover Cold Fusion and LENR?

Here’s a fascinating piece from a commentator at E-Cat World arguing that Nicola Tesla, based on a lecture he gave at Columbia University in 1891, may have been one of the founders of Cold Fusion. Moreover, it may be operating in your body right now!
Tesla and Cold Fusion

Italian version of CNBC covers Rossi’s Energy Catalyzer


This is simply amazing, to see something as new and controversial as the E-Cat fusion technology presented in such a matter of fact way, clearly and methodically, by Renato Estri of Artech on this CNBC affiliate. Looks like low-energy fusion, a relative of cold fusion, is real after all! (In Italian with English translation.)

Engineering News Covers E-Cat Tests–Author Puzzled by Lack of News Coverage

e-catHere’s another fascinating piece on the developing E-Cat story. Readers of this blog, New Crystal Mind, will be familiar with this Low Energy Nuclear Reaction technology that I’ve been covering here over the last few months. Here’s a story about the recent tests from a South African publication which refers to this as, potentially,  a “massively disruptive technology.”