Rogue Ways Interview with Simeon about Bigfoot and Orbs–Orbs-with-Dr-Simeon-Hein

The host, Lindsey, also shared her experience with ball lightning while hiking with a group in the Wind River Range of Wyoming.

“Some of These Cases Are Amazing.” Stan Gordon Reports On The Latest Wave of UFO, Orb, Cryptid, Bigfoot, and Sonic Boom Cases in Pennsylvania. (Some of These Are Just Plain Weird.)

New cases of interdimensional phenomena

New Bigfoot Documentary Showcases Paranormal Aspects of the Creatures

Here’s my thoughts on this new bigfoot documentary in which I have a part. The film covers many anomalous, paranormal, and just plain weird aspects of bigfoot encounters. Watch the film and trailer here:

Orb Follows Plane

This looks exactly like orbs seen in and around crop circles! First it appears out of nowhere and then flies off just like in many videos of orbs interacting with crop circles.