Special greetings from Russell Targ about Third Eye Spies plus extra feature about RV in the Soviet Union

Director and producer of Third Eye Spies, Lance Mungia, sent me this link to share with you. It contains a special message from Russ Targ about RV and his new movie, some stunning and amazing viewing sessions from Joe McMoneagle, plus a splendid, free, 8-min extra feature about an incredible, 6000-mile, remote viewing experiment he did with a Soviet psychic, and daughter Elizabeth Targ, while visiting the Soviet Union in 1984.

Click here to view and watch: Third Eye Spies greeting from Russell Targ


Third Eye Spies

Third Eye Spies is easily the best and most comprehensive Remote Viewing movie every produced. Created by Russell Targ and Lance Mungia it features interviews and comments from many of those involved in the program including Uri Geller, Kit Green, Joe McMoneagle, Ken Kress, and many others including footage of Ingo Swan and Pat Price. I’ll be interviewing Lance tomorrow, Feb 28th on YouTube Live at 1 PM PT (4 PM ET). Join us live: we’ll have time for your questions. Watch and chat here: YouTube Live interview with Lance Mungia

You can purchase the film at iTunes or Amazon. Please take the time to write a review on iTunes and Amazon so we can keep it high in the rankings. (The above links are not affiliate links: I have no financial or other connection to this movie. I just appreciate the time and effort these guys took to make this amazing film so the public can learn the truth about this previously secret story in U.S. military and intelligence history.)

If you want to learn more about RV, I’m giving a 2-day class in Boulder, CO in June of 2019. We’ll cover the first 3 phases of the CRV remote viewing system. Contact me to learn more.