I handled a piece of Roswell wreckage


Read this excellent article by A. Bragalia about the evidence for the debris and witnesses to the event. Remember, we’re talking about a second crash site here, to the West of Roswell.

What Really Happened to the Roswell Wreckage?

9781601632364_3dHere’s an excellent new book by researchers Don Schmitt and Tom Carey, Inside the Real Area 51, about witnesses at Wright-Patterson air base in Ohio who saw and handled crash wreckage and alien bodies from the Roswell crashes in the late 40’s and early 50’s. Full of new, solid witness testimony from people you might not have heard about before. http://amzn.to/16Fu9uT

What Really Happened at Roswell? (Part II)


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If you missed Part I, watch it here.


Roswell Crash Witness

Fascinating interview with alleged Roswell crash witness Gerald Anderson who tells how he saw the craft, bodies, and crash site while hiking with his family as a boy in New Mexico in 1947. Especially interesting, in part II, is how he says it felt when one of the injured aliens engaged him telepathically.


Gerald Anderson Interview Part II

Commentary on Gerald Anderson

Nuclear Physicist Stanton Friedman Describes UFO Cover-Up as “Cosmic Watergate”

Brazil, 1958.

Former nuclear physicist and researcher Stanton Friedman (1934-2019) has garnered a lot of attention of recently with an interview about the UFO cover-up which he describes as a “Cosmic Watergate.” Friedman, the principal investigator to discover witnesses to the Roswell crash in 1947 alleges that U.S. government knows a lot more than it has admitted to about the subject.  Read More Here

Apollo 14 Dr. Edgar Mitchell: “ETs Exist and are Visiting Earth”

It doesn’t get any more direct than this: Dr. Edgar Mitchell, former astronaut and now head of the Institute of Noetic Science, says he’s been told by credentialed military officials that extraterrestrials are real and have been visiting Earth for a long time.
Watch this recent interview here

In another interview, he also confirms that the Roswell crash involved an extraterrestrial craft. (He grew up in the area and says the old-timers, whom he’s talked with, know what really happened.)  Watch the interview here.