Simon Collins, fan of Planetary Intelligence, with crop circle tattoo

Simon Collins with Planetary Intelligence tattoo.
Simon Collins, lead singer for SOUND OF CONTACT, with his tattoo from Planetary Intelligence.

Simon Collins, lead singer for the progressive rock band SOUND OF CONTACT, recently told me that he is a big fan of my book Planetary Intelligence, and even made a tattoo from it!  The page, p. 72 of the book, says “Be Creative” with a drawing of U.K. crop circle from the late 80’s. Simon said that Track 6, “Remote View” on the SOC Dimensionaut album was inspired by the book.   (This photo was taken on the rockin’ “Moodies Cruise” with the Moody Blues and other bands, where I met Simon, in early April ’14.) Click here to be notified of my next Planetary Intelligence seminar.

Sound of Contact — This new band is amazing!

Also see Excerpts from the album (crop circle at 2:30)
and Not Coming Down

Sound of Contact features Simon Collins (son of the legendary vocalist/drummer Phil Collins), Dave Kerzner, and Matt Dorsey. If you like the progressive rock sound of YES, Genesis, Marillion, Rush, and Pink Floyd you’ll LOVE this new group. (And I’m told the Simon is a fan of Planetary Intelligence too.)

Sound of Contact — New Album “Dimensionaut