“The Event” and Testimony of Sergeant Command Major Robert O. Dean (retired)–Interesting Similarites

Robert O. Dean

I couldn’t help but notice in episode 2 of NBC’s new TV, “The Event,” some of the similarities between the storyline of the show and the testimony of retired military officer Robert O. Dean. In the TV show we are told of the arrival of beings that look exactly like humans yet are genetically one-percent different. Are they humans from the future or extraterrestrials? We aren’t told yet.

But if you have heard any of Bob Dean’s presentations, if not you can see one here, then you know that he claims to have seen documents while serving at NATO headquarters in Europe in the 1960’s showing four different types of extraterrestrials known to be visiting Earth at that time. One of them, says Dean, look exactly like us. The similarities were so strong that apparently the top brass at NATO were extremely concerned that they could have infiltrated the highest levels of the our military and government organizations.

I once asked Dean if these beings were, in fact, humans from a different planet rather than “extraterrestrials” in the true sense of the word. He said that the documents didn’t say one way or another. I found it very interesting that this type of theme is now the centerpiece of this new TV show. Is it more than just mere entertainment?