Go for the Viewing Gold (Ready for the challenge?)

The Virtual Viewing Gold Membership class is now on sale (over 30 percent off!) through the end of 2010. Now only $697 until December 31st! This full-featured viewing class has everything you need to develop your viewing skills, tap into your creative imagination, and connect with infinite intelligence. It includes tons of video instructions, great bonuses, and two full live phone sessions with me to check your viewing progress. Find out more details and how to purchase at Virtual Viewing Gold.

Key Features Include:

  • Using Viewing With the Law of Attraction
  • Easy “Step by Step” Instructions
  • Now Includes Medical Diagnosis and Remote Healing
  • Also Includes Locational Exercises and Map Dowsing
  • Special Viewing Secrets Never Revealed to the Public Until Now!
  • Two private Skype or phone sessions!
  • Complete Guaranteed–Zero Risk

You learn about applying your viewing skills to the Law of Attraction. Plus you’ll find out how to use viewing to perform healing in yourself or others.  Plus, I’ve included a host of locational tools for finding objects, people, and events on a map. You’ll have a blast and learn a ton about yourself. This is the real deal! Find out more at Virtual Viewing Gold.