“Virtual” Crop Circle Tour–Experience The Magic of Resonance Wherever You Are!

Now you can discover the “magical” resonance of crop circles right at home. July is around the corner and our crop circle tours are rapidly filling up. We know you’d like to come along but maybe, for some reason, you can’t make it this year. We know you are busy. No worries. We’ve created a “virtual tour” just for you!

Just send us your photograph and we’ll take your image along to EVERY crop circle we visit and EVERY sacred site. We’ll do some special incantations for you, give you updates as the tour progresses, and send you a quartz crystal imbued with crop circle energy, from one of the many 2010 U.K. crop circles. And when we encounter something really wild, like a close-up UFO encounter or light anomaly, you’ll be one of the first to know. Sign Up Here

Here’s what you get:

  • Your photo accompanies us to every crop circle and sacred site
  • Our updated, last-minute itinerary
  • Exclusive photos of this year’s crop circles
  • Updates as frequently as we can do them by email
  • A special quartz crystal, mailed to you in August, that has been saturated in crop circle energies throughout late July and early August, 2010

You’ll be sure to hear about any UFO or ball of light encounters, and energetically related mechanical failure events in and around the crop circles. And you’ll be the first to learn what we discover from our exclusive UFO day-trip to the Radnor Forest “hotspot “in Wales.

Hey, we want you to enjoy the crop circles and other weirdness in Wiltshire, even if you can’t be there in person this summer. Just send us your photo and we’ll do the rest. This offer is limited to the first ten people that sign up. Don’t wait to experience the crop circle energies. Enjoy them right from your home for only $397. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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