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The Intermediate RV class will take WAY beyond what you learned in the beginning class. It's time to enter the Matrix! Try it for yourself and expand your perceptual horizons and personal abilities. Class meets on Zoom from 7pm to 9pm ET for five Sundays in a row. Class includes private one-on-one Zoom session with Simeon.  Also, as a special bonus, get $800 off the self-paced, online Master Class and start your training right now when you sign up for the live Intermediate RV class.

Experience the Power of the RV Matrix!

This course teaches you everything you need to know about Phases 4 and 5 of the CRV system including moving around in space and time, viewing and describing ideas and facts about distant people, places, and locations.

Harness the information in your analytic overlay

In Phases 1, 2 and 3 of the CRV system, you were required to leave your analytic overlay to the side of the page and let go of it. In Phase 4 we'll learn a technique for getting useful information from your analytic overlay.


We'll learn a simple technique for getting more specific information from any target.

Full Course Contents

Here's a break-down of the full contents of our exclusive landing page training course. We'll focus on learning to sense energy frequencies, emotions, and ideas at the target site.

  • Learn to move your non-local awareness around in space and time using cuing.
  • Matrix Viewing System created by Ingo Swann
  • Describe distant people, places, events, and things
  • Describe advanced ideas, shapes, and energy patterns
  • Learn how to probe your analytical overlay with Phase 5 techniques
  • How to get information from mental noise
  • Include private practice session with Simeon after the 5-week class

The RV class was a great mix of lots of practice, lecture, stories and learning from other students as well. Working in a group like this normalizes the experiences of RV - that it really is just another away of using our senses. (Spectacular but normal all at once.)

Kathy RV Student

As a professional practitioner I have been involved with many of the top scientists & researchers.  I have been utilized by well-known research groups, aerospace companies and  (The nondisclosure agreements  prevent me from mentioning, but are amazing!

I took Dr Hein’s class to stay fresh & keep learning new techniques!  Within 20 minutes I had learned in amazing new solution to an ongoing problem I had been having...
As the class progressed I felt more and more charged up from tapping into the “substructure “with this amazing group...Soon people were bending forks in class and I saw some stunning results from the new students… Everyone did really well. This is a rare opportunity to learn the most effective method of controlled remote viewing.

Thanks Doc I love you!…

Buddy RV Student and Practitioner

"I tried doing one of Dr. Simeon Hein’s Controlled Remote Viewing Sessions on YouTube and was delighted to discover just how easy it was to follow his simple verbal step by step instructions. Simeon has a pleasant, calm voice & teaches with simple, clear, easy to follow directions that I could follow in a timely manner. I was amazed to see
how accurate I was doing a simple, quick CRV session. Dr. Hein is a fine teacher
who keeps controlled remote viewing simple.”  --
Terry Diane Andersen

 Terry Diane Andersen
 Terry Diane Andersen Virtual Viewing Student