Going Into The Void

Hey, have you ever wondered about  your relationship with the “unknown”?

Yes, I’m being completely serious here. Do you feel afraid or excited when you think about this idea?

How do you navigate a space you’ve never experienced before? What are the ways of dealing with a new area in your life? Something you know little about, but feel interested in or drawn to.

Well, one of the lessons I’ve learned from remote viewing
and related subjects is that there is actually a structure to the unknown.

Yes, even infinite spaces have a structure!!! A structure
you can navigate.

It’s like exploring a room in the dark. You may not see what’s
there, but you can feel your way around and eventually get
a mental map of the place.

This is what I call the “Architecture of the Unknown.”

It’s not something your ordinary conscious mind can understand.
But you CAN get the feeling for it, using your intuition.

By exercising your intuition on a regular basis, with practice
you’ll get better at it.

And those void-like spaces in your mind will be filled with all sorts
of new ideas and possibilities.

If this sort of thing interests you, you may want check out
my upcoming live coaching class at MyCreativeIntelligence.com .

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