“New World” Holiday Special

Thanks for all your wonderful comments about Elisa Brown’s brand new album NEW WORLD, on which I play a few guitar tracks (2,5, and 10 to be exact!) You can listen at iTunes or CDBaby. To celebrate the holiday season, I’m offering you free downloadable versions of my Opening Minds and Planetary Intelligence books when you buy the album. Just send me your receipt for purchase of the CD, physical or downloaded by Dec. 31st. I’ll send you a download link for one book of your choice if you buy the complete digital download or both books if you purchase the CD. Send your receipt to simeon @ mountbaldy.com (w/o spaces) . The album has received numerous positive reviews, such as this one below, so I think you’ll like it.

“Elisa Brown’s new work, NEW WORLD, is a marked achievement
in the world music, new age, and world beat genres.”
– Matthew Forss, Inside World Music

NEW WORLD was selected as one of the Editors’ Picks for Gifts in SCIENCE OF MIND’s Online Media Review, December 2012!

“The beautiful, angelic-sounding strains of soprano Elisa Brown, accompanied by the glorious music of Grammy Award-winning producer/composer Barry Goldstein, can transport you to a place of joy, ease, and greater connection to Spirit—a new world, indeed. Enjoy!”

“This is truly an amazing CD! When you’re feeling down, need a little healing and connection with the Divine, or just needing energy quietly close your eyes and let Elisa’s voice and Barry’s music inspire.” -Shirley MacLaine

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