Join me LIVE this Saturday on a new Denver PBS TV show –“The Heart of Art”

Elisa Brown
Elisa Brown hosts the new PBS TV show “The Heart of Art”

This Saturday, Jan. 25th at 5 PM EST, get ready for a music and dance extravaganza. It’s a new PBS show about our innate artistic abilities and creativity. And I’ll be playing acoustic guitar live. It’s on Denver PBS affiliate channel 56 with vocalist Elisa Brown: her new TV show is called “The Heart of Art.” We’ll be playing a celtic-style song together at the beginning of the show. The one-hour program will also feature the works of Grammy award-winning producer Barry Goldstein; renowned choreographer Gabriel Chajnik; award-winning playwright, Marla Mase; and celebrated dancer, Jessica Black. This should be good and very original. If you don’t live in Colorado, you can watch the live streaming broadcast online.

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