2nd International Consciousness Congress

Simeon presenting at the 2nd ICC in Miami

I recently got back from presenting at the 2nd International Consciousness Congress in Miami. It was a lot of fun! This event was organized by the International Academy of Consciousness based in Portugal. The Academy offers classes and training that teach people how to have new experiences in consciousness including OBEs (Out of Body Experiences). I presented some of my new ideas about multiverse theory and its implication for our sense of personality structure, channeling, and related subjects. Here is a link to the IAC Facebook page where you can see clips of some of the presentations. I personally enjoyed the talks about children’s past lives memories by Jim Tucker, NDEs that occur during heart surgery from Pim van Lommel, studies of the effects of ET encounters on human contactees by Rey Hernandez, how computers will never be conscious like humans by computer chip inventor Federico Faggin. There’s a brief clip of my presentation here. I’ll be posting a full length version of my presentation,  “Implications of Many Worlds Theory for our Idea of Human Personality Structure and Disorders,” soon.

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