The Ultimate Ambient Sound

“It’s not just another ‘drone sound,’ it’s fantastic. Don’t even ponder if you should get it. It’s a MUST HAVE. Would rate it 100 stars out of five.”—iTunes Reviewer 

I hope you were able to catch last week’s episode of the History Channel’s show “In Search Of” (season 2, episode 7 entitled “UFOs”) where I was able to demonstrate the relationship between crop circles and sound. The idea is called “cymatics” and was invented several hundred years ago by German physicist and musician Ernst Chladni. In the show I used metal plates and a frequency generator to create these resonant shapes. 

I’ve long sought to simplify the process and came up with a beautiful solution: The Aural Resonance sound. It’s a simple combination of notes that’s guaranteed to turn your living spaces in restful-feeling sanctuaries.  While the sound is available for download or streaming on Amazon Music, iTunes and other online music stores, I recently created a physical CD to help with a deeper, more vibrant experience. You’re probably aware that MP3 files are compressed sounds lacking their original intensity and frequency range. Many people who’ve used the Aural Resonance sound tell me it helps them sleep, meditate or just plain chill out. In fact, I use almost everyday for these purposes. 

And for Black Friday I’m letting you have it for half-off the usual price. I’ll send you one of these newly printed, amazing CDs with free shipping anywhere in the US for half the regular price. (Free shipping not available on international orders.) Another listener put it this way: “Here’s another Gem from Dr. Simeon Hein, I’ve been practicing meditation for 30 years and can tell you this, Aural Resonance is a profound experience . . . listen with headphones to deepen the sessions of practiced meditation . . .” — Amichai J. Schneller Learn more at and use coupon code BF50 to get your discount on the physical CD that I’ll send to you. Sales ends this Monday, December 2nd.  talk soon,Sim P.S. Due to the potential intensity of the altered states induced by this drone sound, do not use while operating heavy machinery of any kind.  

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