“Top-Secret” Viewing Instruction

“Top Secret” Video Instruction Series

Learn to View–-Step 1 “The Cool Down” — This video explains how to lower mental noise so you can pick up subtle, etheric signals more easily.

Learn to View–-Step 2 “How to Connect with the Signal Line”–Here are the fundamentals for making initial contact with a distant target.

Learn to View–-Step 3 “Tuning in to the Target’s Resonance”–This video shows the basic principles behind the idea of resonance: what it is and what it can do for you.

Learn to View–-Step 4 “Opening the Aperture”–This video explains the basic patterns of how a viewer perceives information during the course of a viewing session.

Learn to View–Step 5 “Closing Your Session”–Here I explain how to finish your session and do a short summary of your findings and perceptions. Cool huh?

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