Best use of Remote Viewing? Maybe not what you think!

remote objectsWhat’s the best use of Remote Viewing?

I’m sure this is something you’ve wondered about: (Folks ask me about this all the time.)  In fact, there is a whole Remote Viewing conference going on this weekend, June 17-19th, near Las Vegas (the IRVA conference) about the uses of viewing and how to apply it.

Is the best use of RV for locating buried treasure, predicting the stock market, or making lots of money?

Well it could be, but I think there is an even better use than those.

It’s your ability to tap into your “multiverse,” as I call it, and
get “early reflections” from your own future, and adjust
your life to resonant with your “optimal resonance”
point. To fully engage your intuition and “gut” sense of

In other words, to fully activate your imagination and experience
a bigger version of yourself with more exciting experiences and
possibilities. This way you can operate at full speed and maximum

Sound to good to be true? It’s not. It’s what you were mean’t to be.

I’m going to be offering a course in this idea soon, all around the
idea of maximizing your  “Extended Intelligence for Maximum

It’s not for everyone, but it might be for you and I’m
only letting a few people in to learn the “secret” to RV.
It takes Remote Viewing to a whole new level.
Here’s the special link. See you there.

P.S. I put together this webinar for you, so you can get
a better idea what it’s all about. If you like it, we can
schedule some time to talk.

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