“Ball of Light” Passes Near Simeon Hein, Fosbury Crop Circle 2010

Update: New research in ball lightning by the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project has shown that balls of light are NOT affected by wind direction. Since this object moves with the wind, West to East, our original analysis is reinforced: that is object is most likely a bird, balloon, or piece of debris near the video camera. See this video from the MFMP about ball lightning: https://youtu.be/y1-aMp9oJtk

In fact, ball lightning is sometimes seen flying against the wind showing that is has its own gravitational or inertial field separate from the other objects around it.

A videographer allegedly videotaped a “ball of light” passing near Simeon Hein in the Fosbury 2010 formation. At the time Dr. Hein was doing the Standing Tree Meditation near the center of the formation. It was my intent at the time to bring energy into the formation using this Taoist meditation technique. Perhaps it worked! The object appears to enter the formation from the left and move across to the center. However, Dr. Hein didn’t see anything while standing there, nor did anyone else (there were several people there) at the time, leading him to believe that the videographer most likely captured a bird, insect, or flying debris very near to his camera. My companion a few feet away, facing me, didn’t see anything either so whatever he videotaped must be closer to his camera lens than it was to us. Based on the most recent research into balls of light, we don’t believe the photos taken of us in the crop circle from a distance away are accurate and might have been altered or enhanced in some way.

The videographer also claimed the other person in the formation at the time was using a flash on their camera, but no such flash was attached to the camera leading us to believe that this is an artifact of his video camera. The videographer was filming with an HD Sony video camera.  (Note: These photos were taken a few days before our tour group arrived for our crop circle tour. Dr. Hein was scouting out formations for the whole group to see a few days later. This was the first formation Dr. Hein visited that year. )

Fosbury Hillfort Hypercube Fosbury Hillfort Hypercube 2010. Photo with permission from the CropCircleConnector.com.

Dr. Hein doing a Taoist Standing Meditation at Fosbury Formation. Neither Dr. Hein nor his companion saw a ball of light or anything like it at the time. (photo by Simeon Hein)

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