Opening Minds Forum is here. Share your thoughts on UFOs, Bigfoot, RV and the Unexplained.

I’ve recently created a new forum for sharing your anomalous experiences plus RV practice. Feel free to share what you want concerning any “paranormal” phenomena that interests you be it Bigfoot, UFOs, Crop Circles, or RV. I’ll also be posting new RV practice targets there. I’ll post target feedback pictures a few days after posting the target coordinates. You’ll need to sign up the first time to see the member-only info such as target feedback.
You can find the forum here.

photo of night sky
Photo by Tobias Bjørkli on


Simeon will be presenting at the Time Travel Con

Don’t miss my new presentation “We are time travelers: what the physics of remote viewing tells us about time travel.” Saturday, Aug. 15th, 2020

I’ll be looking at the Many Worlds idea of Hugh Everett and its implications for remote viewing and our concepts about time. During the talk I’ll be sharing some stories of peoples’ spontaneous time travel experiences, really weird things that happened to people that are very different our ideas about linear time, and bilocation during remote viewing sessions. Plus I’ll share some insights from Associating Remote Viewing experiments (ARV).

More info about the Time Travel Conference.