Interview with Richard Syrett: Relic Neutrinos, Coherent Matter, and Bigfoot

Lightning & It’s Effect on Space-Time Anomalies such as ET Contact, Crop Circles, Big Foot & More

Very accurate and informative new Amazon review of Opening Minds

Thanks to reader Judith L. on Amazon for a well-constructed review of my first book: Opening Minds: A Journey of Extraordinary Encounters, Crop Circles, and Resonance all about fractals, remote viewing, orbs, and crop circles. Read the review

“I had hardly begun to read this book when I had the first feeling of EUREKA! and just had to tell people. Dr Hein tells us of various phenomena that many of us probably never knew existed, and he describes it in ways that make us understand that it actually exists and is accessible. I believe each person will take away something different from this book based on their own experiences.”

“As Dr Hein discusses a phenomenon, it is easy for the reader to connect and become immersed in the memory of any similar events he has had, and when this happens, it is truly exciting! He puts us at ease so we can focus on the wonders that are out there waiting to be discovered; thus, the title Opening Minds.” 

Opening Minds was first published in Aug. 2002.

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Intermediate Remote Viewing Zoom Class, Nov.—Dec. 2022

If you’ve completed the beginning RV class with me, you might enjoy the next level, where we view emotions, concepts, and things. Early registration discount by Nov 6th. Learn more here.

Beginners Resonant Viewing Class via Zoom, starting September 6th, 2022

More Beginning Resonant Viewing Class Info Here

In this 6-week class, Zoom, we’ll learn the basics of the CRV system created by the late Ingo Swann, including phases 1, 2, and 3. No previous experience is required. The class size is limited to 10 people.

Dark Matter Monsters is Released as Kindle Book and Softcover on Amazon

A #1 Amazon New Release in Electromagnetism. You can now order and download Dark Matter Monsters on Amazon. This book will answer your questions about orbs, ball lightning, bigfoot, UFOs, cold fusion/LENR, and much more. It even has some information about other stories I haven’t shared before, like the midwestern town in the 1960s that lost all electrical function for a day: a complete electromagnetic collapse. Plus eyewitness accounts of bigfoot sightings that I’ve heard about over the years.

Read the review from Ken Korczak. Here’s an excerpt:

“I have been waiting a long time for a book just like this one: Dark Matter Monsters. That’s because sociologist Simeon Hein Ph.D. has finally developed a solid, plausible and scientifically well-argued solution to one of the most confounding mysteries of our time: The true nature of Bigfoot — but also a host of other paranormal mysteries, from UFOs and ghosts to orbs and encounters with parallel universes.”

Advanced RV Class—April 10th – May 15th

Sign up here. (Prerequisite: Intermediate or Online Master Class)

UFO experiencer and author Terry Lovelace talks about the US Air Force, being a federal prosecutor, and UFO abductee.

Opening Minds Forum is here. Share your thoughts on UFOs, Bigfoot, RV and the Unexplained.

I’ve recently created a new forum for sharing your anomalous experiences plus RV practice. Feel free to share what you want concerning any “paranormal” phenomena that interests you be it Bigfoot, UFOs, Crop Circles, or RV. I’ll also be posting new RV practice targets there. I’ll post target feedback pictures a few days after posting the target coordinates. You’ll need to sign up the first time to see the member-only info such as target feedback.
You can find the forum here.

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