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UFO Disclosure, Flying Cubes, and Tic Tacs

What’s Next for UFO Disclosure after Tic Tacs and Flying Cubes? Watch on YouTube

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Why are UFOs and Other Anomalies Attracted to Human Technological Activity? (Fractals and the Multiverse, part 5)

Watch all five episodes in this series “Fractals, Paranormal Phenomena, and the Multiverse.”

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What is the Multiverse?

Ever since the idea of “many worlds” was proposed as an alternative physics model in the 1950’s it’s been creating a stir. Do we really live in a Multiverse? Quite possibly. Here’s a short article I recently wrote about it. … Continue reading

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New Data Say “Yes” to Fractal Multiverse!

httpv://youtu.be/rR7IcjwaZAE This is a HUGE discovery. It opens the door for all sorts of new discoveries and in my mind it creates a new opportunities for learning about things like Resonant Viewing, Human Fusion, and related phenomena. Please see my … Continue reading

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New Evidence for Gravitational Waves Supports Fractal Multiverse

New evidence from the BICEP2 lab in Antartica, after nine years of careful research, shows the existence gravitational waves produced in the first few moments, trillionths of a second, after the Big Bang. Some scientists also believe that this evidence supports … Continue reading

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Scientists Argue That Multiple-Universe Theory Simplifies Our Understanding of The Cosmos

New research by Raphael Bousso of the University of California, Berkeley suggests that a multiple-universe interpretation of the cosmos actually simplifies our understanding of dark matter, vacuum energy, and other mysterious topics (New Scientist, 6 March, 2010). Bousso and others … Continue reading

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