Virtual Viewing Insight reopens

Simeon HeinI’ve reopened the Virtual Viewing Insight 2.0 class to 100 new students. In this class, you’ll learn the first steps towards accessing your “supermind” and be able to view and describe distant people, places, and events. The course includes lifetime membership and a full one-year money-back guarantee. Here’s what previous students have said about it:

  • Your course is amazing and life altering! The new students will have the most amazing experiences in their lives. You’re so very talented in remote viewing and as a master teacher.” Margo B.–Insight student 
  • “This is my first experience doing this and it’s incredible to say the least. I believe in the possibilities of RV but my jaw just about dropped after doing video #6. This is a totally awesome experience……WOW!! Everyone needs to try this.” — Paul V., Insight Student
  • “I feel life is completely different now. . . It has given me an incredible sense of peace – it’s like a strange knowing I’ve had my whole life  – But now I can prove it to myself!  It doesn’t even matter to me what other people think – because I know.  What an incredible gift you are giving people by teaching this.” — Kathy, Insight Student

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Thanks For Your Help! Viewing Success!!

Virtual Viewing InsightThanks to everyone for helping to test out the new Virtual Viewing Insight class. I really appreciate all your input and perseverance with this new viewing training product. It’s really assisting me to make it better for everyone. I’m getting a much better feeling for how people learn to access remote targets from an online class format. If you still want to get in on the this remote viewing class click the link: Yes, I Want To Test Drive The Virtual Viewing Insight Class [fb-like-button]

Virtual Viewing Site Is Now Live

If you are looking for the latest in remote viewing and resonant training, ideas, and  other ways to expand your subtle-energy systems, look no further than my new Virtual Viewing Training Site. For a limited time you can sign for up FREE, limited access to the site including my favorite viewing reading list plus a whole bunch of my best viewing training videos. Once you sign-up, you’ll get a password that will allow you to see part of the site and upgrade if you want more instruction. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

3 Keys to Tuning Your Resonance and Contacting the Zero-Point Field

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Virtual Viewing is Now Live

The Virtual Viewing class has reopened for new applicants. Enhance your intuition, right-brain vision, and overall creativity with this challenging and unique online course. The whole training system is just $197 until Midnight on Friday, March 19th.  Learn more here.