Interview with Paranormal Soup—Dark Matter Monsters and Black Swan Ghosts

Interview with Michael Schratt: Graphics for UFO Crash Retrievals

“Some of These Cases Are Amazing.” Stan Gordon Reports On The Latest Wave of UFO, Orb, Cryptid, Bigfoot, and Sonic Boom Cases in Pennsylvania. (Some of These Are Just Plain Weird.)

New cases of interdimensional phenomena

Top Scientist Shares Inside Info With Me on UFO Material He Examined—Says It Had To Be Made of Off-World Materials

UFO experiencer and author Terry Lovelace talks about the US Air Force, being a federal prosecutor, and UFO abductee.

UFOs, Metamaterials, and Missing Information: What’s Going On?

UFO Disclosure, Flying Cubes, and Tic Tacs

What’s Next for UFO Disclosure after Tic Tacs and Flying Cubes?

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